Valentine’s Celebration

Hello everyone! How’s your Valentine’s Day celebration? I had a blast! Want to know how I spend it? Keep reading …

Jowie and I went to Times Square for free grabs of Cornetto ice-creams!

Show your Love with Cornetto! Wall’s was giving  out 100,000 Cornettos throughout Malaysia. Each person receives two cones!

There was a media photographer around, took some of photo of Jowie and me.

He made us open up a Cornetto and we have to share a cone. He took our picture with his great SLR camera, too bad I forgot to ask which media he came from.

We dine at Pepper Lunch for dinner.

It’s available around Southeast Asia.Check out their website, PepperLunch. Watch on how to cook your food.

They provide us fresh ingredients and we cook it.

Beef Pepper Rice

Curry Beef Pepper Rice

Chicken Pepper Rice

BOO! It was delicious, my empty iron plate shows it all.

A paper which surrounds the HOT iron plate serves a  very good reminder and to learn how to cook your food but it’s advisable to know how to cook your food before ordering.

A Valentine’s street concert by the local artist.

We went for shopping and a late night movie, Pink Panther 2. It was funny but somehow I think some part of the movie was just stupid. Although, it was not any candlelight dinner with a dozen of red roses, I was very happy and satisfied. Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t have to be expensive and luxury, what matters is whom you spend time and have fun with. You don’t have to buy things to show your loved ones how dear are them to you. I love simplicity sometimes. Thank you, Jowie!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @tia – Thanks for dropping by. Although I’m not blogspot member you can always RSS my site or put up my site link into your site. I’ve bookmarked your site into my laptop~ love your site too…

    @prettybeautiful – Go and have a try but the price range is a little expensive for me. The cheapest dish was RM16.90. Others can be pricey. I went there because I really want to experience how is everything like there…

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