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My beauty hauls from last week. Products from Secret, Biore, LOVEBIRD, NENCAI and Elianto.

Secret Seawhite Skin Polishing Mask for RM11.90 and it’s a buy one free one. I bought it from Guardian. It’s a daily gentle dermabrasion cream with sea mud and sea silk micro-crystals.

  1. Sea mud is an incredible properties to remove excess corneous layer and conditions skin.
  2. Sea silk micro-crystals is an ingredient used in profssional micro-dermabrasion to polish and smooth the surface of the skin.

There are other two main ingredients which is :

  • Marine botanicals – to smooth and repairs damaged tissues and acne scars
  • Secret White Essence – effectively helps whiten, brighten and lighten skin.

The famous Biore Pore Pack Strips for RM12.90 and 50% off on second buy. The promotion is available in Guardian valid till 28 February 2009.

I found a replica of Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black, LOVEBIRD Super Waterproof Unstoppable Lash Extension Mascara in the second picture. This mascara is by L’chear. I found this in a souvenier shop, Hinode. It cost me for only RM5, which is very cheap. I know this is a replica, it might harm my eyes but last time I used to use L’chear mascara and their mascara was pretty good. I’ll try to review on this.

What actually attracted me to get this is the mascara wand comes with lash separator and brush. Basically, it promises to lengthen, volume and curl lashes. I hope this would be a good mascara.

This is NENCAI Magic Curl Long Mascara. It is also sold for RM5. I assume this mascara comes from Korea because there’s korean writings all over the mascara tube. This mascara has natural sericin essence and glutenin that nourishes and strengthen eyelashes which enable the lashes to curl mysteriously long. It volumes and gives your eyelash an instantaneous beautiful eyes. It is waterproof as well. The English description printed on the packaging was pretty bad, so I have tried to come out with the best description I could understand from it. I will also try to review this mascara.

Elianto Colour Studio Ultra Smooth Blusher for RM12 and the second at 50%. I’m not too sure when will the promotion ends. Hope everyone enjoys this.

p/s: I have updated my wanted list on the left panel. *hint*

Traclyn Yeoh
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