Happy Chinese New Year!

I know it might sound a little late but Chinese New Year (CNY) ends this week and F.I.Y. this celebration last for 15 days. I have been busy with this celebration and I’m really sorry to keep you waiting. It’s the year of Ox and I have received many phone messages from my friends. The funny thing that I have read is since it’s the year of Ox, its advisable not to consume beef. I have got to say that I will continue consuming it. It’s too yummy to resist! Hahaha! I mean it’s up to the individual if they want to believe by consuming beef would give them bad luck. I’m not that superstitious, so I can’t really bother with it.


A new spot for me to travel for this CNY is Cameron Highlands. It’s located in Pahang, one of the states in Malaysia. It will be up on the next post as soon as I have gather all the pictures.



Traclyn Yeoh

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