Proactiv® Skincare Solution Review

I believe many of us know the brand called Proactiv® Skincare Solution by watching your local television channels. You might doubt if it works or you might heard stories that it doesn’t work. Each individual’s skin varies but I can tell you it works for me. I have starting to suffer acne since I was 11 years old and since then I have spend my time to look for the right skincare. Imagine that I could not find the right skincare until about a year ago. Just a year and a half ago my acne flared on my face and I was depressed on how I bad I look.

This is how I look like a year and a half ago. The acne spread all over my face, it wasn’t this bad in the year before. I was really desperate to regain my previous skin texture at least it’s better than what you can see in this picture. This picture was taken in Melbourne. When I saw Proactiv® Skincare Solution in the local chanel, I was curious if it works. Before I saw it in Melbourne, I have  seen it in Malaysia and I have a friend who recommend me to use it but I was skeptical back then. Therefore I chose to give it a try when I was in Melbourne. It cost AUD69 for the 3-piece basic skincare set. I was thinking it was not too expensive since I was working at that point of time. After using for sometime, I saw improvement. Check out the video…

Available in Youtube version: Proactiv® Skincare Solution

Proactiv® Skincare Solution saves my skin. I know some might not get the same result as I do but this is a real life result and I did not get paid for doing this. This is definitely a true story from me. I definitely do not have Photoshop software and there’s no way for me to photoshop my pictures at all. I’m really happy with my skin now. For now this is how I look…

I took this in January. My skin cleared up so well and I’m still a Proactiv® Skincare Solution user up until now and future. The price of the 3-piece basic skincare set is RM199.00 in West Malaysia.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @kouki_monster – It does for me. You can just see and compare from my picture a year and a half ago. It works brilliantly for me but I’m also using other skincare mask to clean deeper into my skin.

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