Bug-Off Blackheads!

Blackheads are the most annoying skin threat you can find. Many of us gets it especially at the T-zone area and chin. Let me explain how blackheads are formed.


Under our skin, each pores produces sebum (oil) from sebaceous gland. In our daily life, we are always exposed to bacteria and dirt. If you did not cleanse your skin well, the bacteria, sebum and your dead skin cells will clog up your pores. If you notice any tiny black bulgy spot on your skin, those are blackheads.


You might already spend hundreds to find the right product to get rid of your blackheads. Why not give this a try? Saves your money and the damage in your purse. I have discovered this a year ago and I’m still practicing it. All you have to do is use this tips every night before you sleep. In case you’re wondering at which step you should be using this tips, you just need to use it at the very end of your skincare steps.

Available in Youtube version: Bug-Off Blackheads!

However, do continue using your skincare. This tips is just an extra step to your skincare. Take good care of your skin. Good luck!

Traclyn's Hand Traclyn's Hand 2

Hey, look at this. This is nothing related to the skincare tips. Guess what is this all about? The second picture probably revealed everything. I was an artsy person, but now is just so-so. I was thinking to post tutorial for what I did on my hands, shall I?

Traclyn Yeoh

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