Kuching, Sarawak

So this is my latest vacation that I went for almost a week. I was in Kuching, the largest state in Malaysia. It’s a far place from where I am and I had to take a flight. This would be informatively overload about the trip.

Let me show you what I’ve been doing there~

Day One

Arrive at the low-cost airport (LCCT) aroundΒ  9-ish a.m. and were queuing to check in. After queuing for almost an hour with the line not moving at all, it started to piss everybody in the queue. Apparently, there is a technical problem with the plane and the flight has to be delayed. My flight was delayed for 4 hours, what do they expect us to do? My flight suppose to be at 11-ish and now it’s 3-ish p.m. Sorry, I can’t really remember what time exactly my flight was. I didn’t bring my laptop with me and I was so excited on doing the recording on the airplane. However, the compensation was RM10 voucher of Mc Donalds and RM200 voucher flight to be redeem online. Of course, went to Mc Donalds for brunch and I saw one blogger but I wasn’t sure if it’s her until she came out with her Rainforest Festival review. Many people worlwide is going to Kuching for that reason. So, reached Kuching in the evening and two friends to pick us up (the bf & me and a friend). Decided to have dinner at my friend’s cafe named Patio and half way driving there and my friend’s car went K.O. The car was overheat and water is boiling up. He manage to get his friends to transport us over. Was so nice to get back together with the old friends in Kuching ( I was in university there for my second year for my degree before going to Australia) and another thing about here the beer here is very cheap. I’m really sorry for the non-alcohohic-drinkers but sometimes it’s okay to drink some but I went a little overboard and got wasted for mixing my drinks. Later on, we check in to the lounge for accomodation. I was wasted and soundly asleep when I’m on the bed.

Day Two

I woke up with a bad bad hangover, dehydrated and not really speaking much and had to go for fishing~ It’s really exciting especially when you get to go into the deep sea. The scenery was really beautiful especially the sunset. The best thing is we spent a night at the ocean! It’s amazing experience especially the fun of getting some fish, dining and sleeping on the boat. Imagine me hangover and going up the boat? Urgh, was having headache badly at first and I get to rest at the bunk beds. I get to see many sea creatures at night like squids, crab swimming through, jelly fish, flying fish and water snakes. It was a stormy night, where the boat was shaking badly, rain coming in with no fish. I was trying to get some sleep that time when everyone is busy taking in things . Poor bf and his friend almost rolled out from the boat.

Day Three

After a long night, we got back to the shore. Most of the catches made by friends and I can say fishing is not an easy job to do. But the experience is something great. I fell down when we reached the jeti after helping around to carry the things out. We all forgot that the steps are muddy after high tide. My leg was bleeding and the bf was really worried. I was okay, instead I felt silly. How could I not remember this at all. Most of us are tired, so we’ve got back to have some rest. The fishes are for dinner. We get to taste really fresh fish and you know what? After dinner, it’s clubbing. I can tell you if you ever go to Kuching and have friends there most of the time you spent is drinking. It was really fun with all the dances and our group rocked the club whole night. We got to be upstairs, dancing freely and the people downstairs was just sitting and drinking. My dear friend was bold enough to kiss all guys in the club to win a bottle of Black Label. How brave he is! He was nice enough to treat everyone in the club with the bottle that he gotten.

Day Four

This is the main reason to be there. The Rainforest 2009 World Music Festival. I only went there on the last day of the event. It was a little dissapointing though. The sound system screwed up and was some soft instrumental music. I get the chance to put on henna for the first time. Call me sarcastic but I love it so much! This event held it every year and many was loving this event for the first few years. It involves many musicians all over the world. I shall review in-depth on this event on another post. Oh, another day of drinking their ethic’s homemade alcohol beverages called ‘Tuak”. It taste just like a fruity white wine.

Day Five

Some of us is going back and for those who stayed checked in to another hotel. We visited one of the new shopping complex there called ‘The Spring’. Nothing much in there, just like your standard shopping malls with the combination of their local stores. It was really near my university so I went back to have a look, the university look so much better now. Wasn’t as run down as it looks when I was studying in it. After that we walked around town center for lovely sceneies and updating ourselves on the changes happening there. For dinner, the bf and I brought our friends to one japanese restaurant we missed so much. The food was lovely. The Japanese pizza is as big as your standard pizza’s size!

Day Six

Woke up a little early for today for the famous Laksa Sarawak, it’s totally different from laksa in Peninsular Malaysia. We ate at where I used to live when I was there. Tried knocking on the doors of the house to check if my room mates are still there but there was no answer. Flight was at 1-ish p.m. so we packed our things and check out from the hotel.

Kuching is one nice place to go around, you get to learn some culture, hiking, fishing and optional, drinking . I would like to stress one thing. I remember how some Peninsular Malaysians always teased on the West Malaysians if they are still leaving on trees. For everybody’s information, we are all living in houses build in bricks although some are still living in the squatters. I even get this when I was in Australia and the question was ‘Malaysian still live on the trees, right?’. It was really ridiculous.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Oh cool.. you did so much in Kuching. I live there whenever I go back to M’sia.. but never got to do any of the stuff that you have, cept for going to Spring. Haha, whenever people ask me which part of M’sia I live.. I just tell them I live in the jungle, lol. Mmmm… Sarawak Laksa.. YUM!

  2. I need to go on vacation. Kuching looks awesome, I’ll have to add that on my Grand Voyage trip plans! It’s cool you went to college overseas. I thought about it but I couldnt afford to go. Even though they had programs where they covered schooling, I had to pay for books & personal expenses out of pocket. I’m not sad that I missed it though but it would have been interesting. I’ll get to travel far someday though! ^^

    It’s nice you got a voucher for your delays. When I went home to go to grandpa’s funeral, a BAD snow front moved in & we were waiting forever! I had my friend on standby to pick us up in the van & take us back to the house. They canceled EVERY flight but mine & I started overtime prayers because I’m scared to fly after one bad experience & now I had to go through snow & rain. I was crying. We didnt get a damn thing for waiting so long. I was so out of it & exhausted, I ended up sleeping the whole flight back to FL thankfully. I had my hoodie on my head & everything so they knew not to bother me or they would hear me crying. I have a pic of me on myspace my mom took of me waiting & you can see how miserable I looked. LOL

    Hey Traclyn, you & your BF look so cute together!!! When the wedding? I’ll send a card! Heehee! πŸ˜‰


  3. That looks like so much fun! I haven’t been able to do much this summer since my BF’s car had to be fixed. So there goes disneyland, korea town in LA, and San Francisco, lol. And that fish is huge!

  4. @orilovesdurian – Well this time when you get back, you’ll have ideas on what to do.  When people don’t know about Kuching, they’ll go ‘Bah, of all the places Kuching’. I don’t think that way. It’s one beautiful place to be around.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Go go! I always encourage people to go whenever they want, just as long as they’ll come back safe. I was just in Australia for my studies and that’s all. I chose not to stay there. Not my kind of life there and what’s better than home sweet home? Aww, didn’t they have any policy on delayed flights? Mine was if more than 2 hours they would compensate. So, that’s where I get my voucher. I used to scared of taking flight, listening and watching horror of airplanes but ever since taking a flight 2 years ago to Kuching, I never really cared much. I’ll just pray everytime before flying off.

    Awww, most of my friends are asking about it! If we do, I’ll let you know, .

    @Dee – Well go around nearby could be fun, find some cool activities and invites friends over for it. I bet it should be fun. Haha, that fish is really big and heavy too. I needed both of my hands to carry them .

    @Connie – Thanks so much dear. I’m happy that you dropped by.

  5. I stay in Miri because that’s where my uni is..and it’s quite boring here compared to my hometown. i bet Kuching is loads better than Miri rite? But I have yet to set foot in Kuching..and I’ve not yet tried laksa Sarawak..lol..Actually, I’ve never really traveled elsewhere is Sarawak cause everytime I have my hols, I’ll go back to JB to shop..hehee..but I would loveee to travel around this state..it seems like you had so much fun =)

    p/s: does the henna wash off? or is it permanent? And did you get to eat the fishies?

  6. @sarah – Which uni you’re studying?  I know there’s Curtin there. You must really try laksa sarawak. Something different from what we get in Peninsular.  The henna just lasted for a few days and I paid for RM5 for the henna service. Love it so much.. Yeah, turn the fishies into curry fish head.

    @ravi_osahn – it does!

    @LyNn – wanted henna for so long and finally I tried it!

  7. hehe.. just find out you were in Kuching πŸ˜‰ I was there too.. but not see the rain forest. No wonder hotels all packed LOL. 

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