L.A. Colors Flip Top Eye Shadow in Chocolate Review

I know this is getting too much with everything on L.A. Colors this from last week and this week. It’s actually one of the terms of condition of the contest from Vonnie. Whoever wins the 10 piece makeups will have to review it. Alright, the eyeshadow is very much explanatory from it’s name, where you have to flip the lip to open it.

What sadden me is that when I open it I have to tear part of the info piece just to open it. It was a little messy this way. The info piece has ingredients listing, net weight and etc.

It was really pigmented and at first I thought it would be a total matte eyeshadow but it wasn’t.  The eyeshadow has fine glitters in it. I wonder what’s the hype of glitters in L.A. Color’s eyeshadows. I mean most of their eyeshadow is with glitters? Anyways, I didn’t really have much problem with this eyeshadow. Lastly, it doesn’t irritate, non-scented, easy to blend and easy pick up with makeup brush.

Doesn’t irritate
Easy to blend
Easy to pick up with makeup brush

Information sticker was at the opening
Has glitters

My rating: 4/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Super glittery make up is becoming huge again. I call it prom make up because that’s when I see it the most. LOL. You’re big on pink arent you? 😉

    That’s looks like a good sized pot though. Sometimes when you buy pots, they’re shallow & dont have much in it but that’s pretty good. It looks like it may double as a nice blush as well.


  2. Oh good, I thought the flip top type would be a disaster lols.
    From the appearance it looks like not pigmented at all 😮
    Now that I know they are pigmented, I can buy and depoted, make a palette out of it :p

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, I believe there are times you want matte or shimmer, not glittery. Glittery are occasional for me. I’m not really big on pink. I just like the combination between black and pink, striking and standing out.

    @VONNIE – Haha, they are pigmented but it’s glittery. You can try one first.

    @LyNn – Yeap, so much more pigmented than the 12-color palette.

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