Daiso Sponge Cleanser Review

Daiso Sponge Cleaner, one of the most inexpensive item for the make-up gigs! It’s just for RM5 and Made in Japan with full description in Japanese on the back of the bottle. So I can’t provide any ingredients listing or exact information from the product. I would say this is a good cleanser but before that let me show you how to use this on make-up sponges and brushes. I get to know using this from Elyn‘s site at Daiso Sponge Cleanser.

For Make-up Sponges:

Step One: Wet the sponge.

Step Two: Put some of Daiso Sponge Cleanser on the sponge.

Step Three: Lather up gently then wash off.

For Make-Up Brushes:

Step One: Put some Daiso Sponge Cleaner into a cup/bowl.

Step Two: Dilute it with a small amount of water

Step Three: Start swirling your brush in the water

Step Four: Run your brushes with water to rinse

I used Daiso Sponge Cleanser on one of my brushes and a compact sponge.

Let me bring you to the close up of it.

I was really impressed with how it works. It leaves my brush bristles really clean, soft and a shine to it when it’s all clean. As for sponge it’s not 100% clean but I was really impressed by the product’s performance.At least it cleansed off like 98% of it. The product has a mild smell from the bottle but after using and washing it off, the smell doesn’t stay on the sponge and brush. This product is quite limited in Daiso Malaysia, always had to wait them to re-stock on it. It’s easy to use at the liquid is not too runny and doesn’t spill. I really like this product, highly recommend it.

Decent make-up brushes and sponges cleanser
Cheap (RM5 from Daiso)
Leaves make-up brushes and sponges soft and shiny
Easy to use – not runny and no spills
Doesn’t leave any smell
Available in countries that has Daiso

Limited stocks
Unavailable in some countries
Doesn’t really clean 100%

My rating: 4.5/5

p/s: I’m back from Singapore! Stay tune for more information about it.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. It always difficult to find a brush cleanser that does the job. That Daiso cleanser looks great! I want to try that out for myself. 😀

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