Food, Boost & Reason To Be There

First night when I was in Singapore, my BF’s uncle treated us at Taglio, located at Central Clarke Quay in Eu Tong Sen Street. We had lots of food!

Start of with Creamy Mushroom Soup. Quite tasty, but I added a little white pepper for stronger flavor.

We were given salad and nobody knows what kind of salad is it. I always love my vegetables but there’s balsamic vinegar in it. I don’t really like balsamic vinegar.

Calamari rings was really good. I almost forgotten to snap this, so this is what’s left after 5-10 minutes when it’s served.

We were given free flow of pizzas. So many flavors peperoni, chicken with cheese, vegetable and mushroom cheese pizzas. The pizzas are thin crust pizzas but the crust are way to dry and hard, it’s like eating biscuits.

Cheesy sausage, this is really good. The feeling of cheese melt into my mouth when I munch on it is amazing.

I have the main meal which is Italian Meat Ball Spaghetti. The meat balls taste quite pepperish and the spaghetti sauce tasted like light tomato sauce and the portion is quite small.

My BF had Crayfish Spaghetti. It took like more than half and hour for this dish to arrive after my dish is served. The waiting was too long. The spaghetti was already cold.

My BF’s mum had Seafood Spaghetti. The ‘seafood’ that was included was just calamari rings and prawns. The prawn wasn’t really fresh. We were also given free flow of ice lemon tea but the drink was unsweeted, so it was quite a hassle to get sugar syrup to add into it every time there’s a new cup to start with.

Later after dinner at Taglio, we went to a brewery for some boost. Treated by another uncle of my BF.YAY! We were at Brewerkz, located around Clarke Quay. I know these alcohol ages skin, but sometimes it makes me happy and once in a while I’ll like to loosen up a little. I read somewhere that beer can be good for skin too.

They serve food from appetizers to snacks and dessert. A lot of different beers around too.

We had a couple of beer tower and one tower could fill up to eight pints. One pint is about 500ml. I had just a few.

Dinner the next day was at Bratwurst Shop in the food court of Plaza Singapura. I forgot to take a shot of the shop. I quite miss bratwurst sausages ever since I left Australia. It’s like a jumba sausage and guranteed to fill you up. My BF had black pepper sausages with mushrooms.

I had cheese bratwurst sausage with sauerkraut and mustard. Missed mustard so much. The combination of mustard with tomato sauce on chips are the best!

The reason to go to Singapore is to attend on my BF’s cousin’s wedding. Along with it I took the opportunity to do some shopping. Want that fresh light-weighted look like mine? It’s in Sunny Vacation Tutorial.

Other random-ness

Enormously tall elevators at I forgotten where is it. It leads straight up to five floors up I guess.

Sambatida performance right in front of Takashimaya at Orchard Road.

Jowie and I on our Daiso shopping which includes food and drinks. He had soda drink and I had melon soda drink. The soda drink was too carbonated and the melon soda was good.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @Nikki – Haha, enjoy your breakfast dear. No problem on the comment. Thanks for dropping by too, hope to see you around more often.

    @verina – You can always give it a try when you drop down in Singapore.

    @ruzzAT – Wohooo the pizza was on free flow. Imagine how much of pizzas we had.

  2. gaaaaaaaaaah you made me so excited at the sight of the food… 

    till i read that it’s in Singapore. boo hoo! 🙁
    btw dear when i get back to KL i will be doing a bit of brush hunting. it’s tiring to do all those overseas sprees, i guess i’ll dig in Daiso for some decent quality ones… especially eye brushes… i really need ’em for good blending…

  3. Great pix in other randomness! U should post more, u look good =)

    Skipped ur food part though, i normally always skip food posts/blogs, it makes me hungry at midnight

  4. @yahui – Haha, poor you. We still have good food in KL. Don’t worry. The food in Singapore and Malaysia is almost the same.  Brush hunting? Hrmph, many of my visits in Daiso I can’t find any good brush at all. Maybe you wanna try this brush from Carrefour. I’m hunting it down but my nearest Carrefour doesn’t have it.

    @bay_bee_tea – Haha, randomness is cool huh? Hey looking at food pictures is good. Big temptation and saliva dripping! hehehe…

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