Thank You Gift Package

Sometime ago, I have submitted my Eyeko Ambassador video to Eyeko Beauty Youtube. Last week, I’ve gotten a reply.

I was so excited and reply them the moment I finish reading the mail and the Thank You Gift Package arrived today!

The package was torn but it was bubbled envelope, thank goodness the bubbled part was not torn. My brother took the package up and said that the package was actually forced into the mailbox. Stupid postman, he agreed on taking up to my door if my address has any package. Anyways, don’t want to let the postman spoil my day. I carefully and excitedly open up the package. There’s an Eyeko Mascara and two discount cards. I would say that they are so generous. I didn’t know the video would actually earn something. I thought of sending the link and maybe I get to be feature in their youtube but this is an extra!

Long Due Tagging
I apologize to Lynn for after so long I only manage to do the tag now. So sorry!

This tag need you to write on a piece of paper to show how your handwriting looks like and fit your personality.
1. Write down who tagged you
2. Answer these:

  • your name/ user name/ pseudo
  • right-handed or left-handed?
  • your favourite letters to write?
  • your least favourite letters to write?
  • write ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’

3. Tag five person

I’ve done mine!

So, how does my handwriting say about me?

To My 16 Year Old Tag…

I have been tagged by Vonnie! So sorry on the long due. What I need to do is, I need to write a letter to my 16 year old self and tag five people.

” Dear 16 Me,
You will probably in high school. Do study hard and be active. Treasure your moments in the high school because that could be the most memorable moments. Be strong and be kind, challenges will come. If things does not go your way, find a solution to it. Don’t runaway, overcome it.”

I’ll shall tag:

The Adorable Blog Award!
I have yet to receive another award! Thanks a lot Vonnie!


  • Include the award in your blog or post
  • Nominate as many blogs which you like
  • Be sure to link the nominees within your post
  • Let them know that they receive this award by commenting on their blog
  • Share the love and link to this post to the person whom you receive your award

Now I shall nominate this award to…..

Jean Jean

This is a long one, I hope everyone enjoys this!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Awww! That’s awesome you got something for your vids! I havent tried it yet but I will soon. I’m hoping for birthday cash! LOL

    OMFG!! That pisses me off SO bad when postmen do that. I’m not the brightest person in math but any idiot can look at a box & an opening & see if it fits. I dont know about you but here in the States, USPS is supposed to bring you your packages but the lazy MOFOS just write a pick up slip & leave that instead. People pay for shipping to their homes for a reason. I’ve missed getting things so much because people were lazy or I got scratches on my hand from trying to pry boxes out the mailbox. No wonder they’re losing money, people are relying on other places that promise door service.


    P.S: I’m gonna write my Aveeno review later tonight. I just got off work 40 minutes ago, I worked 8 hours & I’ve been up since seven LAST night. I’m so sleepy. LOL. I’m so excited though (cheesy I know. I’m such a loser), I never did a review before. I mean I recommended stuff but nothing like trying, analyzing & giving an indepth review. I hope it’s as good as yours! I hope you have time to look at it when it’s up! =)

  2. I really like your “S”, haha. That’s awesome you got free stuff – especially the discount cards! I’ve been meaning to look into Eyeko products. Is there anything you would recommend to buy first? I’m already planning to buy their cream, but I don’t know what else to purchase.

  3. Aw… Traclyn!Thanks for the award,dear, I feel so honoured to get the award from a famous beauty blogger like you! Lots of wet kiss to you, girl!  Thanks so much! And congratulations for the numerous awards you got! Btw, can make more beauty- related videos? I am addicted to yours!

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Your birthday is coming? When? Gosh, you made me excited just to hear birthdays. I felt excited for you!

    Yeah postman kinda sucks here.  I did get that before on a package from Hong Kong, it doesn’t require them to bring it to the door that’s why they did not bring it to your door. Thank God, I knew that was my package and I had to chase the postman for it. My poor friend’s package lost twice on their service and no compensation at all, just a sorry letter.

    Don’t worry about the review. Everybody has their first time and they learn throughout the time. You started working? SALUTE YOU! I have not worked yet, not a rush for me to search for job anyway. I still have two more vacations to go until I really need to commence to working life. Have fun on the review alright? Don’t stress yourself! I’ll look forward on your review.

    @Dee – I haven’t really get a hand on their products except for the facial wipes and this mascara. I felt so excited!  Wait a min, what’s the “S”? Which cream from Eyeko your interested?

    @eki – Thanks so much for dropping by dear! Hope to see you around more often.

    @tammylci – No problem, enjoy it!

    @melindarudy – Now, that was fast!

    @Shuu – Oh really? Just enjoy the tagging game alright?

    @Jenn – Haha, thanks girl! I really enjoy this lucky-ness. Enjoy the award and tag okay?

    @jeanjean – No problem dear. I need tissue for the wet kisses~ help! Haha! I will try my best on the videos, it really take a lot of effort and time.

  5. I meant the “S” when you wrote Shuu and Sue, haha. The regular 3-1 cream. The tinted cream looks a bit harsh for my face, but maybe I might use it for my legs since they’re a bit pale. I also wanted to try their fat balms and eyeshadow tins. How’s the mascara working for you? Does it clump?

  6. @voguefemme – My birthday is July 3rd. If mom could have held me in ONE more day, I would have been born on a national holiday. That would be better since everyone calls me on the 4th. It’s really annoying….especially after 22 years. XD

    I’ve been working off & on since I was 18. It’s pretty cool except for some people I’ve met. My mom is so fucking annoying about jobs though. Excuse my language but it’s true. She’s been lucky enough to have the same job since high school but she cant figure out why I have difficulty finding jobs or why I dont have much money when I do have a job. Hello!!! Recession=cut hours, therefore I dont work as much. And she’s had the same job for almost 40 years so she never had to hussle & find one. Parents just dont understand…LOL

  7. @Dee – Oh haha, I was lost for a moment!  Wow, you’ve got the tinted cream? How I’d wish I get a hold of it. How harsh is it? I’ve just tried the mascara today and it’s doing amazingly great. No clumps!!!

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Oh, my bestie’s on the 1st.  Haha, well an advanced happy birthday wish from me first! Well job is easy to find, it’s the matter if you want to work that job. That’s what happening in here.

  8. Haven’t used it yet cause I’m scared it might look like poop on my face, haha. Oh really? How’s the formula? I remember seeing a review and it said that it was very moist and didn’t dry fast enough (?). Not sure, I think it was on youtube. You can’t order the tinted cream hun?

  9. @Dee – Aww, you might want to start of lightly on your face first. Yeah it didn’t try fast enough but I really like it. I use it without using any eyelash curler and curling high. I can order the cream just that sort of money tight now. So, got to watch out on my expenses.

  10. Ahh I see. My lashes are a bit long so I need a good mascara that curls since I don’t like eyelash curlers much. Hmm, if you want, maybe I can order a 3-1 cream and send it to you? I might order online again next month and 8 bucks isn’t that bad over here. 

  11. @Dee – You order for me? Hey, that’s not very nice isn’t it. I just had to watch my expenses. I just shopped some at Singapore and now I have to start saving again~ 

  12. Haha, I order for you and ship to you at not cost. You can take it as a small care package from me. 😀
    Ohh, talk about shopping, I’m going to blow some cash next week due to a sale. T_T

  13. Well, you give great tutorials and nice skin care tips, so I wanted to give a little thanks. 🙂
    Haha, there’s a MAC 25% off sale going on tomorrow and I’m trying to budget everything, and it
    still went over my limit, lol.

  14. @Dee – Thanks a lot dear! *hugs* but I have heard bad reviews already about it from Sue and Elyn‘s review. Enjoy your MAC shopping, at least you may afford it. MAC over here is expensive stuff.

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