Great Shopping Deals Episode 10

Last week shopping for bargain or budget goods are a madness. Instead of just showing my beauty hauls, I swatch it so all of us may see how it turns like.

Keli 723 Loose Powder Brush, RM7.50 from Hot Market. The bristles are synthetic and very soft!

Sera Cosmetic Eye Shadow Refill, four pieces for RM15 from Black Queen. This eye shadows is very pigmented. I have it in shade 08, 25, 41 and 38.

LOVE ALPHA BY CATHY 3in1 BB Cream for RM55, second at RM1 from Black Queen. I shared to purchase this with my bestie. She had her post up too, here.

L’chear Waterproof Mascara Fashion Tide in Black for RM5 from Hinode. This mascara attracted me from it’s packaging. It adapts a little of Anna Sui cosmetic designs.

Qianyu Eye Shadow New Attractive Fashion Color in 05 for RM5 from Hinode. It comes with a duo-tip sponge applicator and it’s very pigmented too.

ORma Total Cover in 03 for RM6.90 from Sinma. It brings a little greenish color and that’s what I like about it because it’s great to conceal blemishes.

ORma Studio Fix Total Concealer in Shade 05 for RM6.90 from Sinma. It’s a little pinkish, great for brightening skin.

JEU Compact Mirror for RM5.50 from Sinma. I only paid RM0.50 because I had a RM5 voucher on an earlier purchase.

Black Make-Up Bag for RM4 from Hot Market. It has brush holder and small mirror in it. I’m going to make a habit to bring this make-up bag to everywhere I go from now on.

Midie Moisturizing Lipstick in 536 for RM2.50 from Hot Market. I love it so much as it serves a great nude lip color!

Colored Soft “Cosetic Art” Heng Si Pencil Eyeline in Black for RM2 from Hot Market. I really like this because I can draw in a fine and thick line without fuss. No need to sharpen too, just peel it off.

This is my fashion haul instead, it can be just a top or dress. I really like this because it looks so “fashion week” type of style. It’s RM30 from G2, Sungei Wang. My mum paid for this, YAY!

With this hauls, I like to share a preview on my upcoming mini contest…

I hope everyone stay tune with me to participate on this contest. The contest is applicable to Malaysia residents only. Have a nice day!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. nice la qianyu eye shadow tu. wah finally got the make up bag and it’s only RM4. u mmg sifu to all this good bargain stuff. hehe.
    and the best part you put it last hah? hehe! nice tops!!! serious chunted gile!

  2. @feedDuh – The eye shadow is real nice one. Firstly I picked only the
    mascara, then the lady there was telling me, if you get another item
    then you’ll get another point, so I just picked that. That Make-up bag
    is just like those pencil case, small ones not big ones. Just enough to
    carry around everyday. Hahaha I love the top, I fell in love with it
    the moment I saw it.

  3. Hello, I am from Singapore. Just happened to see ur blog. I went to Genting for a holiday and bought some Sera products. Reali love Sera stuff so much! So cheap and good! May I know which part of Malaysia u stay? I want to find out where I can find Sera products in Johor Bahru. Thanks girl. =)


  4. @jeaness – Thanks a lot for dropping by first of all. I’m staying in Kuala Lumpur. I’m not sure if there is any Sera cosmetic there. Unless if their main shopping malls have Black Queen, they might carry it.

  5. @voguefemme – hey babe. thanks for the info. Do u mind helping me find out the telephone number for the store Black Queen? And if possible, can u pls help me find out if there is a number for SERA too? Maybe they have a supplier number or warehouse number, or even the SERA head office number. I would like to find the main supplier for Sera. Any number that I can contact anyone related to SERA products. Really hope u can help me out babe. I really need some help. Thanks alot girl! =)

    Yours Sincerely,


  6. @jeaness – Well if I happen to be there again I will try to ask for it? Or else you can try on the distributor’s address at the back of Sera cosmetics? I just threw mine away so I don’t have any details of it. 

  7. Hi, may i know where u bought the Sera eyeshadow? im staying in Kl too…

    Qianyu Eye Shadow is it nice?…where can i get Hinode shop??

    Thank you so much~muask~~


  8. @qqpowerpuff – Sera cosmetic eyeshadows is available in a store call Black Queen. They are available in Times Square, Sungei Wang and Sunway Pyramid. I’m not sure where else you can find them other the place that I’ve mentioned.

    Qianyu eyeshadow for this one is just so-so, it kinda crumbles when I tried picking them up but they are quite pigmented and great try. Hinode is available in Mid Valley and One Utama. I’m not sure where else you can find them.

    No worries about the questions. I’m glad that you’ve stopped by and hope to see you around more often.

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