J.Co Donut & Coffee

Snack time again! This time let me enlighten you with J.Co Donut & Coffee

The cafe atmosphere is very cozy, excellent for everyone to chill out and relax…

Heaps of doughnuts over the display…and lots of choice, I didn’t know what I wanted!!!

Behind the scene: playful bakers showing the doughnuts that they have made…

Yay, my doughnuts! These doughnuts are amazingly delicious…They are just like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts & Coffee but in Southeast Asia and their pricing is set almost the same as theirs.

Great use of napkins…recycle yea?

Sharing The J.Co Way, Jowie and Jedrik (his brother) with donut fillings and topping mess around their mouth and fingers. It’s really good, everyone should try this.

They are available in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. In Malaysia, the locations are:

  • Pavilion, Bukit Bintang   Phone: +603-21417761   Fax: +603-21417751
  • Sunway Pyramid   Phone:+603-56340377  Fax: +603-56340177
  • Giant Kota Damansara   Phone: +603-61414077  Fax: +603-61414177
  • Johor Bahru City Square   Phone: +607-2212177  Fax: +607-2214177

From Indonesia or Singapore? Check out on their website, J.Co Donuts & Coffee.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. that place looks really cool haha.  I really like the atmosphere, and the donuts look awesome.

    The only thing that bugs me is that the front sign and the emblem look like they’re trying to imitate starbucks lol

  2. @LyNn – They are almost the same right? Haha which taste better?

    @babjengi – Yeah they look so much like Starbucks with different colours. Well they are almost the same like Krispy Kreme, just that J.Co has more variety I guess. Funny flavours like green tea chocolate doughnuts…

  3. big apple’s are softer. feels more fresh and tasty

    in my opinion only la.

    and if im not wrong its cheaper. (last time i did a price comparison.. not sure bout now)

  4. @LyNn – I heard Big Apple same as Krispy Kreme. Have not tried it yet though. I will only eat it expensive snacks like this occasionally when we have so much delicious snacks everywhere…

  5. haha cause every since i was little.

    i loved donuts.

    so my mum buys me dunkin donuts every now and then for breakfast.

    my lil bro who have same taste buds as me likes them too

    then big apple and j.co came along.

    my bro dont really like eating rice so my mum had no choice but to stock up on breads and biscuits for him.

    haha so i get to steal a piece or two too 😀

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