Another Gift for You, Malaysians!

For the others who missed the Shiseido White Lucent Mini Contest, this is another chance for you to grab on Shiseido skincare samples. I do hope everyone enjoyed the Shiseido White Lucent Mini Contest because I did get feedback that the answer was not easily to be found. So, give this a try. It won’t be too difficult for this time I hope.

The items to be given away is Shiseido Pureness samples which is:

1. Pureness Deep Cleansing Foam (7ml)
2. Pureness Balancing Softener Alcohol-Free (7ml)
3. Pureness Matifying Moisturizer Oil-Free (5ml)

How to win them?
Easy, just by answering the questions below.

Find out the ingredient that stimulates the skin’s moisturizing capacities? Where is it from?
*hint: Shiseido Website

Traclyn has won a cell phone from contest. What contest and cell phone model has been won?
*hint: View from my mainpage on the left panel on ‘IN FASHION’

  • Write in your answers and email address in the comment box below
  • This is open for Malaysia Residents only (I’m sorry to my International readers)
  • The contest starts today, 30 March 2009 and ends at 3 April 2009(12:00 p.m.)[Check out on my time, on the right panel]
  • First to answer correctly wins the contest and winners will be announced in this blog via email.
  • Prize will be send when both Shiseido Mini Contest ended.

Please enjoy this contest, good luck!

I will announce the winners next week. Thanks for your patience and participation.
Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. The ingredient that stimulates the skin’s moisturizing capacities is Palo Azul, a plant from Mexico.

    Traclyn has won an LG Secret cell phone model from a contest called You Style It by Tongue in Chic.

  2. Whoaa…this is harder..urm..but I wanna give it a try anyway. hihi

    1. The ingredient that stimulates the skin’s moisturizing capacities Hydro-Balancing complex that contains botanical extract Palo Azul plant from Mexico

    2. LG phone from Tounge in Chic : You Style It: Pop Art Contest.

  3. Aiyak…I dunno how to edit my comment…huhu (It says ther at the bottom “New! You can now edit your comments for 15 minutes after submitting” But i cant….huhu)

    I want to edit that hp brand that u won…it’s LG Secret Black Label Series. 

  4. 🙂 thanks for informing me bout this contest, traclyn..but i dont use shiseido products.. good luck to other readers!! 😀

    oh ya… i have another beauty blog to refer to besides plue’s..keep up the good work! 😀

  5. Wow! I think it’s really great of you to hold mini contests! I missed the previous one and I guess I missed this too coz I’m not exactly the first to answer.  I hardly update my blog nowadays coz I’m too busy with final exams and thesis. Therefore, I didn’t come across your message in my chatbox. Thanks for informing me~  Oh, do inform me if there are any more mini contest. I will check my chat box more often. I wanna try my luck in your mini contests. Hehehe. 

  6. @Angel – Well whoever be the first to answer correctly gets to win, you might just give it a try. Thanks for dropping by. I’m currently busy too, I’m trying to catch up.

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