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Are you into cat eyes?

Introducing you the latest mascara from Maybelline. Want to test out and spy on this mascara? Preview it over the roadshow that will be all around Malaysia. Check out the hype details!

  1. May 08 (starts11:00a.m.) – 15 (ends 9:00a.m.) @ Sasa KLCC & Sasa Sungei Wang
  2. May 11 (starts11:00a.m.) – 17 (ends 9:00a.m.) @ Guardian KLCC & Guardian IOI Mall
  3. May 12 (starts11:00a.m.) – 17 (ends 9:00a.m.) @ Watsons Bandar Utama
  4. May 16 (starts11:00a.m.) – 31 (ends 9:00a.m.) @ Guardian Sunway & Guardian Bukit Bintang Plaza
  5. May 16 (12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.) – Come and meet Liyana Jasmay @ Watsons Concourse 1 Utama (Old Wing)
  6. May 08 (starts11:00a.m.) – 15 (ends 9:00a.m.), Kuala Lumpur (Watsons Sungei Wang Plaza) & Johor (Watsons Plaza Angsana, Watsons Jusco Tebrau City & JB Watsons Mid)
  7. May 25 (starts11:00a.m.) – 31 (ends 9:00a.m.), Jusco Taman Maluri & Jusco Wangsa Maju
  8. May 27 (starts12:00a.m.) – 31 (ends 9:00a.m.), Guardian LGCC Concourse Mid Valley
  9. May 28 (starts11:00a.m.) – June 11 (ends 9:00a.m.), Tesco Mutiara, Tesco Puchong & Tesco Ampang
  10. May 29 (starts11:00a.m.) – 31 (ends 9:00a.m.), C4 Carrefour Wangsa Maju

It sound really exciting. Give it a try and drop by on their roadshow, let me know how is it. I had this mascara as one of my wishlist but it’s too expensive for my budget. Be a fan in Maybelline Volum’Express Hypercurl Cat Eyes Mascara in their facebook! I hope I can really try this one day. I wonder if their roadshow have any exchange program? They should consider this, in order to attract more make-up or mascara addicts like me!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Waa now only they hold the roadshow? -_-; I’m quite impressed with the mascara, but I swapped it few days ago. Hahahaha. My Rimmel Glam’ Eyes still gives the best result (for me at least). Nevertheless, this is a good mascara ^_^ Go and try it on 😉 You might fall in love with this tiger print mascara 😀

  2. @Shuu – Yeah its been a while since they came out. I really want this but it’s out of my budget. You swap it away? Aww… I have Rimmel Glam’Eyes too but isn’t giving me the result that I expected. I already have a look on the mascara. The comb is just exactly like ‘Lash Stylist’

  3. @voguefemme - Yeah, coz I’m not really a big fan of waterproof mascara. Psst, I’m a mascara addict too hehe. Perhaps you could wait for the sale? 🙂 They usually hold sale every now and then rite? hehe

  4. May 16 (starts11:00a.m.) – 31 (ends 9:00a.m.) @ Guardian Sunway & Guardian Bukit Bintang Plaza

    Sunway as in Sunway Pyramid?
    haha im a mascara person too.
    i dont get why ppl cant live without eye liner.
    i cant live without mascara
    even if i dont put anything on, i’ll just apply mascara and ciao.

  5. @Shuu – I’m a fan of mascara, waterproof or not. If they work well on me, I recommend it so much!

    @LyNn – I can’t live without my eyeliners too eh! It’s just the same thing like how you can’t live without mascaras. I think it should be in Sunway Pyramid. The description of the event is only that much.

  6. @voguefemme - Hehe, though I’m not really into waterproof mascara, I still am an avid user of CoverGirl Lash Blast waterproof mascara lol! It’s just I am a bit lazy to remove it 😛 Maybelline and CoverGirl waterproof mascaras are relatively easy to remove though, hence I still am using it. Rimmel’s giving me such a pain to remove the residual flakes! Any other good mascara to recommend? *winks*

    oh high 5 to all of us, mascara addicts….. wakaka.

  7. gah im still so desperate to find a maybelline or rimmel that works on me lor!
    maybelline depends one some are difficult to remove!
    pain in the ass.
    right now im loving my daiso cheapo mascara.

  8. @Shuu – I didn’t get to try on any CoverGirl’s at all. I could have when I was in Melbourne. I regretted it now. I’m okay with removing Rimmel. YAY! high5* I’m using my cheapo Nencai Mascara. I reviewed it here. By any chance if you can try on Maybelline Lash Stylist, I recommend it. It’s really good for volume

    @LyNn – I have not buy any Maybelline mascara since I came back. I’m on to cheap goodies. Hahaha. Which daiso mascara you using? I didn’t get the high curling mascara the other day because there’s no black when I check that day.

  9. i saw this ad in cleo mag but i didnt buy this mascara..i still have lotsa mascaras left 😛 coz i seldom make up..i’m still learning….i still dunno how to put eyeliner so normally i’ll juz skip eyeliner n put mascara 😛

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