Great Shopping Deal Episode 13

The lack of money seems to making me lack of shopping. DUH! No money, no shopping!Β  So imagine a month’s haul is just this much.

Konad Special Nail Polish 10ml – RM16 from inQBox. I can finally do my nail art on my stamping sets.

Keli 745 Brush Set – RM9 from Hot Market. It comes with a face, eye shadow, small angled, sponge and lash comb/separator brush. They are all synthetic and soft. There are more stuff from Hot Market because I had some same stuff with Lynn in her surprise package.

Ellefar Pearl In Eye Shadow in Cool Blue – RM5 from Daiso. It looked like baked ones.

Everbilena Cheek & Cheeks, Cream and Powder Blush in Orange – RM5 from Daiso. I’m looking for a decent cream blusher.

Eyeshadow paletteΒ  – RM5 from Daiso. It’s a little shimmer and comes with the color beige, pinkish beige, pink, green turquoise and dark blue. Oh not to forget a sponge applicator.

Eye Gel (contains hyaluronic acid and collagen) – RM5 from Daiso. I hope this works to decrease my fine line. I’m paranoid of aging.

Peach Powder Spray – RM5 from Daiso. I guess this would do good to touch up. Maybe?

You see not much stuff. I just grabbed the things that is really interesting, what I need and bargain stuff! I have Lynn to help me to order some E.L.F. stuff from a spree. So I’m tying up myself from spending so that I could pay her back. I’m waiting patiently for the spree to end and my E.L.F stuff to come to me!!!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Not bad what.. πŸ™‚

    The e/s you bought look so lovely, especially the one from Ellefar ^_^Hey, do let me know yea how the eye gel works on you πŸ™‚ I do have fine lines on my undereye area -_-; Overall I look older than my age haha. I seriously should start considering switching to anti-aging skincare line πŸ˜›

  2. Please do a review on the Peach Powder Spray soon. It got my interest. Daiso is awesome! Wish they have a store in my hometown. 

  3. @Shuu – You hauled better though. How I wish I can haul it like you! Don’t Ellefar e/s look great?  I will try to review on it alright? I’m  really getting paranoid of aging because of what my mum always told me. Women always look older than men. I hate it when she says that.

    @Lisa – I try my best alright. Where is your location? There’s like only four stores available now in Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you around more often!

  4. @LyNn – I will try my best to review it. I have not yet used it, I will have to need more time. I made you to order it for me, maybe one day I transfer to your bank account.

    @prettybeautiful – looks like many wanting to see the review of the spray. I will try my best!

  5. so envy you can have Daiso in KL. Penang apa pun tak ada. LOL!

    Btw, I’m sure you’d be happy when you receive ELF items! πŸ˜€

  6. @Sue – Hrmph too bad they have not open any in Penang yet. They will in the future and Daiso wasn’t in KL. It was all the way to PJ which is quite far from my place. When I visit Penang end of this year, I get you some?

    I really can’t wait for the ELFs to come. But I have to be patient~

  7. le sigh, so many eyeshadow colors! i’m in India now, and i only brought 5 colors with me. πŸ™ 88 palette arrived in KL the day i left the country. T.T

  8. @yahui~ – I love palettes because they come with many colors although they can be messy sometimes. Yeah I saw in your chatbox about your package arrival and you’ll be around in India for 2 months right? How much did you order them? I saw one 88 palette brandless for RM40.

  9. I just happened to meet generous swapper πŸ˜‰ They seriously gave me tons of extras.. ^_^

    Tell me about it! To me it’s pretty frustrating.. How would you react if somebody asked you on whether you’re older than the person you’re going out with (when the person is actually 7 bloody years older than you)? :'(

  10. @Shuu – So lucky for you! Immersing you with guilt huh?

    I agree with you, hate when those situation happens! I’m really sorry that it happened to you.

  11. i got them via BlushBerry blog for RM60. it’s from Coastal Scents. but it’s with my bf in KL now, sigh sigh sigh. yes i’m in India for about 3 months. it’s been 2 weeks since i’m here now.

    i think if i brought it, it won’t survive the flight anyway, the seller said the pigments are very fine this time and can’t withstand much impact. 
    have fun with all your purchases girl! πŸ˜€

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