Package Delivery to My Door

Yes, recently it may sound that I have been receiving quite an amount of packages. This package is something I won from a contest from My Women Stuff in Yuan Soap Giveaway for 12 lucky readers. I was really lucky because I was picked to become as one of the winners! My name is the second for Malaysians.

The contest winner announcement entry, here.

I receive an email from Paris B (the owner of My Women Stuff) about the winningย  last week and I was so surprised and happy! Thanks a lot Paris and Yuan Soap! My package came in this morning at 9:30 a.m.

There was a box in there, the soap came along with a booklet.

Tadaa~ I have chosen to get Cypress Soap from them. Apparently, the soap was smaller than I expected. It smelled really herbal-ish.

The booklet has a lot of information on Yuan Soap. For those who doesn’t know about Yuan soap, they are organic handmade soap made in Taiwan. You may have a look at Malaysia’s distributor for Yuan Soap’s blog, here.

I’m going to use this soap to clear my back acne that flared up on the changes of weather climax. I hope this works.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I am the last for Malaysian winners ๐Ÿ˜› Didn’t expect myself to win hehe. Anyway, my parcel arrived at the same time with yours too! But too bad mine didn’t come with a booklet ๐Ÿ™ But the soap is packed nicely though, and it smells really herbalish haha. Quite strong for me 

  2. @prettybeautiful – I hope this Yuan Soap does the job for me. I saw your posting on it too, looks really cool!

    @Cyndi – Hehe
    yeah the smell was quite strong for me at first but I think the smell
    went off a little. I can only smell it when I held over the soap near
    to my nose now.

    @Vonnie – Thanks! Paris was kind to organize it and I was really lucky because I really
    need it to clear my acne on my back so much. I hadn’t wear anything to
    bare my back ever since.

  3. @LyNn – Thank so much dear. Yeah another thing that is why I choose Cypress Soap. However the black ink it’s on the plastic wrapping around the soap only, not exactly on the soap.

  4. Just found out that the pamphlet is inside the paper bag not the box! And all the while I thought they missed that out for me lol XD

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