On the Scene at Fight Cervical Cancer in Style with POCC

Do you still remember that I have invited you to Fight Cervical Cancer in Style with POCC @ Zouk KL?

I hope you did go to the bazaar and have fun there because I did. Let me show you what’s fun there. I arrived at the venue at about 5pm with Tammy and Fatin after Green To A Tea. I hope it wasn’t too late, there’s still one more hour to go before everything closes.

When I entered into Zouk, I was approached by some girls seeking me to pledge in supporting this campaign. Of course a goody bag was given, my photo was taken and I signed for the pledge.

Funds for supporting this campaign. There were clothings and accessories.

Laptops stationed for pledging online. You can always do it now too if you haven’t.

Inside where all partners and sponsors of POCC as well as Facebook or blog shops. So many of them and I didn’t know where to start!

Gift Kookies attracted me to snap a picture of their booth. Aren’t their decoration pretty? You’ll be able to check them out, here.

Lovely bags but no one bothered to entertain me. PASS and moved on! I was told by Tammy that CLEO and Cosmopolitan has the best deal of all the booths around~ I hurried there and checked what they have there…

Indeed it was a great deal, I made my RM5 donation but I overlooked the one year subscription! The offer was really amazing but why… why did not notice when I took a photo of it. What was I thinking…

Later on as I walked around I bump into my old friend, Sara Khong. She is now the owner of Zikkos accessories. Do check them out, she carried in quite a range of beautiful accessories. Can you believe that I know her since we were seven? and we played netball to represent school? I’m so proud of her that she’s so successful now.

My best friend came not too long after that, I brought her around to see what’s there.

She pledged and signed up for donation at CLEO/Cosmopolitan booth.

These are some of the business cards I’ve collected upon their friendly services as I passed by to see their items. I need to get my own blog card, I don’t have any and I turned out to give out my business card. Let me make this clear, blog card would go with details of your blog a.k.a name, blog address, email, contact number(if you want to include) while my business card is for my professional career.

I really enjoyed myself and some of you might think that it’s a small event. I believe sincerity that matters.

Check out what’s in the goody bag that I brought back home that day. On the left is the goody bag from POCC and right is from CLEO.

From the POCC goody bag there is:

  • Survey of Cervical Cancer Sheet
  • My pledge bookmark
  • Pureology brochure and samples
  • A packet of wet tissue
  • Cosmopolitan shopping bag
  • Baskin Robbins RM3.00 off voucher
  • Nose RM5 cash voucher (sad that it only valid on that day only sad)
  • Gift voucher of RM30 from Reebok
  • Two pieces of POCC pens

From the CLEO goody bag there is:

  • Two bottles of Nivea Intensive Body Milk
  • Senscience Silk Moisture Conditioner
  • CLEO Pencil Case
  • Senscience Pliable Shine Pomade
  • CLEO post-its
  • CLEO mobile neck strap

One beautiful accessory I picked up from the bazaar. A U-shaped gold ring with wings. Aren’t they beautiful??? It’s by Soak Republic and I purchased it for only RM20, it’s really reasonable! I even spoke to the director for a bit, she’s really friendly and nice. Do check their website, here and their Facebook page, here. There was a sharp part at the inner of the ring that kept poking and hurt my finger but easily be solved by filing with a nail filler. I LOVE the ring so much! heart

That day I went back home feeling happy with heavy loads of goodies and touch of this ‘Romance Cheese Cake’ from Kings Confectionery, makes me feel so contented. Thanks to POCC for inviting me, although I missed the auction but I saw some celebrities around like Yasmin Yusoff, Sheahnee Iman Lee, Rina Omar and a few more that I couldn’t remember. My high school teacher also went to the event and thought that the lightnings was a little poor, hence, she can’t really see items clearly but she enjoyed shopping in the bazaar!

With this post, I’m proudly announcing that I’m now one of the POCC blogger ambassador. Don’t believe me? Check it out at POCC’s website, here. They are constantly looking for ambassadors in supporting this campaign, if you’re interested you may email to ambassadors@pocc.com.my. I was offered to be one and I’m really happy to do so. Thanks for the opportunity POCC!

Last but not least, if you haven’t pledge to support, please do so because your action matters no matter where you’re from. You’ll be able to pledge from POCC’s website.

Traclyn Yeoh
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