Paint My Nails! The Midnight Swirl

I’ll try to bring in some series of DIY nail painting. I can’t promise that I will do it often. It’s not too difficult, you just need time and patience to do it. Before starting any nail painting, make sure your nails is already been clean and cut the way you want it. I’ll guide you step by step. Today’s design is as per title, The Midnight Swirl.

Things that you need for today’s design is:

Elianto Nail Polish: (From left to right, Shining Gold, Chili Red, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Twilight Zone)


Cotton buds

Nail Polish Remover


Step One: Paint Turquoise in the middle, Chili Red on one side and the other side with Hot Pink. Wait till it is semi-dried.

Step Two: Paint Twilight Zone over those semi-dried trio paint. Again wait till it’s semi-dried.

Step Three: By using toothpicks sharp points, swirl lightly some patterns over the semi-dried paint. Do not put too much pressure while swirling pattern because you’ll see your nail color instead of the paints.

Step Four: Paint on a very thin layer of Shining Gold to add some shine on it. Use cotton bud and dab it with nail polish remover to clean nail paint left on the skin. Let it dry.

Voila~ The Midnight Swirl!

Traclyn Yeoh
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