Paint My Nails! An Abstract Twist

The next design is as per title, An Abstract Twist. I came out with this design because I remembered those abstract contemporary art which is really something not everyone can do. I was thinking why not make it as a nail art?

The tools needed will be the same as The Midnight Twist. Anyways I will still list it here.

Elianto Nail Polish: (From left to right, Shining Gold, Chili Red, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Twilight Zone)


Step One: Paint Twilight Zone and Chili Red in each half of a nail vertically. Let it dry.

Step Two: Dot on Shining Gold. Let it dry again.

Step Three: Stripe on horizontally using Hot Pink and Turquoise. Let it be semi-dried.

Step Four: Use the sharp point of the toothpick and slash the nail paint diagonally. Let it dry completely. Dab nail polish remover using cotton bud, then clean the paints left on the skin.

An Abstract Twist!

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Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. this is an interesting way. but there is another type of painting, marble, style is similar to this way. but it does not require the use of toothpick. just different nail polishes. 🙂 and it will turn out like the print on marble cake! 

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