Three Awards at Once and My Accident

You must be getting bored of me posting more of the awards that I’m receiving. I will post on more informative entries after this. Thanks to Mapple for giving me this and I appreciate it so much as you made my day happier, she posted it up here as a token of appreciation. JeanJean awarded me this too and I really appreciate it. Something bad happen to me to last night and I will let you know what went wrong. Let me proceed to the award

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I Love Your Blog, Interesting Blog and One Lovely Blog

The Rules:

  1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who granted the award and his/her blog link.
  2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you newly discovered. Remember to let them know that they have been chosen for this awards.

So the 15 nominees are:

  1. Lynn from 101 Compiled Beauty
  2. Dee from Hanidee
  3. Mina from Shinbi Belldandy
  4. Sue Lin from BAY BEE TEA
  5. Jenn from LIPGLOSSEATER
  6. Syen, Kahani and Eli from Soloverly
  7. Ekimura from A Little Bit of Eki
  8. Plue from Beauty Up My Life
  9. Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous
  10. Beetrice from Beetrice’s Reviews
  11. Tammy from Plus Size Kitten
  12. Elyn from Serendipity
  13. Xin from Pretty Beautiful
  14. Kimberly Tia from Bat Your Eyelashes
  15. YOU who are reading this, post this up okay?

Enjoy the award everyone!

About what happened to me is I hit into my eye accidentally. Last night I was on the bed and tearing from yawning. So I intented to pull one corner of my pillow case to wipe of the tears. I hold on to the pillow instead of the pillow case. My pillow aren’t the soft type, I’m using contoured pillow and you know how firm they are. Because it was really firm, my finger snapped and hit into my eye. That was pain but I see nothing in my eye and I thought it’s alright and started to massage my eye a little. When I massage on the outer corner of my eye, I felt a little pain. I decided to turn on the light and look at the mirror. OMG! There’s a purplish red spot the white area of my eyeball. I decided to rest and hope it would go off the next day. Today when I woke up, my eyelids was a little swolen and I went to check my eyes. There’s no longer purplish red spot but it spread wider into red. I don’t know how to explain about it. I took a picture of it.


I didn’t want to include the picture in the post because it might scare most of you away and not very pleasant to look at it too. It’s hurting now and I hope it will go off in a few days. My sight is still okay, I can still see like I normally do. If it doesn’t I will need to see the doctor. Please pray that the redness will just go off in a few days just like normal bruises.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. i was closing my eyes with my hands when i read about your accident.

    Traclyn…go to doctor please!
    its about the eyes, not just some bruise on your hand.

    i`m worried for you dear

  2. I  agree with Melinda, go to the doctor!! You never want to mess with your eyes, trust me! When I was taking allergy meds, it was too strong for me & I started getting a sharp pain in my left eye. It was so bad, I thought I had a stroke so I went to the doctor ASAP & found out the medicine was too much & I needed eye drops. I also found out  I needed glasses for driving but whatever. Go to the doctor & let us know how you are, ok? ::MASSIVE HUGS::

    Thank you again for the award!! It’s wonderful!


  3. You’re so sweet for the award sweety, thank you so much<3. You should definitely go to the doctor dear. It doesn’t sound safe. You need to get drops for your eyes dear. I hope it heals up nicely. Don’t mess with it!

  4. Oww… I think you should see the dr. asap.
    The other day I hurt my lower back at work. I didn’t see the doctor straight away and it hurt worse. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was in so much agony. I missed doing simple things like sitting, walking and lying on my back. I’m okay now but please… see the doctor!

  5. so sweet of u girl 🙂 will pick it up and do it when i have time.

    btw, i too think that u should see doct asap. hope u recover soon!

  6. Thanks for the award, my dear 🙂

    And about the eye, would suggest you to see a doctor. Hope no blood vessels were damaged. Get well soon! 🙂

  7. @melinda – Thanks for the advice dear. The pain has subsided but the red patch has not. Oh pick up the award ya~

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – The pain has subsided. If the reddening doesn’t go off by tomorrow, I’ll head down to the doctor okay? Thanks for the concern. Enjoy the award!

    @Dee – No worries dear. You deserve it too for all the hard work and time you spent on your blog. Thanks for the concern, I’ll head down to the clinic if the reddening doesn’t show any improvement. Enjoy the award!

    @bay_bee_tea – Hahaha, I look like some Dr Evil or something! Enjoy the award!

    @Got_Takoyaki – I give myself a limit till tomorrow if it doesn’t show much improvement. The pain has lessen a lot. By the way thanks for sharing your story. Never ignore on any near spinal injuries. Thanks for the concern. I appreciate it.

    @prettybeautiful – Welcome dear, you really deserve it. I will recover, don’t worry!

    @beetrice – Enjoy the award! I will, thanks for the concern!

    @Tine – Welcome dear. I hope it’s just temporary damage and repairing now. I will see the doc if by tomorrow there’s no improvement.

  8. Hi Hun

    I just read what happened to your eye.. OMG looks really bad I hope you are ok and please do go see a doctor your vision health is really important. THank you for the award also 🙂 take care

  9. OMG Traclyn!! It looks so serious and painful!! Please take care k!! I hope its better today already… otherwise please go and see the doctor k! *hugs*

    And thanks so much for the award!! I’m truly honoured!!

  10. @ekimura – Thanks for dropping by. I really appreciate it. I will take care of it. You deserve the lovely award for all your hardwork in your blog.

    @Jenn – I will take care, don’t worry alright? No problem, you deserve it!

  11. hey! din realize u gave me an award! must be lost in my shoutbox.. nowdays my friends chat there n i won’t know past msges.. email me also next time traclyn! if not..terlepas.. lah 🙁

    thanks for the award!! muuuaaklkksss

  12. oMG your eye!! T____T!!!

    that’s a warning to those who ada contour pillow to bkful!!!

    i think your blood clot/blood in your eye will reduce in 1-2 weeks 🙁

    c doc ok take care babe

  13. @tammylci – Haha, no problem! You deserve it as well as I saw your picture up in This is just some little thing for all your hard work. My eye blood clot has reduced and now left 2% of the redness to fully recover. I didn’t even pay a visit to the doctors at all .

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