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This morning, I have updated in my Facebook receiving a package yesterday. I have ordered a beauty gadget 3 weeks ago and waited patiently for it to come. I was also worried that if it didn’t make it to come because it was just on standard economical shipping. It’s BIA Skin Analyzer and I have purchased it from ebay, here.

I realized that I needed a skin analyzer after my visit for facial treatments. Before you start any facial treatment, they do a skin analysis to acknowledge your current skin condition before they could proceed into suitable skin treatment. I looked out for a simple basic analyzer and found this! It helps to measure skin moisture, oiliness and texture.

It comes with a lithium battery, manual and the analyzer. It uses CR2025 x 3V lithium battery and the manual comes in English and Mandarin language. I’m not so sure what are the reliable brands of skin analyzer available therefore I couldn’t say this will be 100% accurate but if this works as an estimation, it will also be great!

The analyzer does look a little like pregnancy test kit but I guess I’ll have to live with it and I thought it isn’t too bad because it will be easy to carry around. On the left is where it get in contact with the skin to analyze and on the right is the battery slot. To start analyzing, uncap the analyzer, press the button to turn it on and touch the end onto the skin. Once it beeps, its done analyzing.

I had it tested last night on my cheek and bare in mind I have combination skin. You could see the result from the LCD screen with some readings.  On the LCD screen, below 0 are negative level and above 0 is positive level.  For skin moisture (1st row) and texture (3rd row), the higher the better which means the level should rise up on the right. For oiliness, the level should go lower and the ideal reading is up to 2, therefore my skin is pretty oily. With this I will know my skin condition from time to time and also when it comes to reviewing products, this analyzer can help me to prove if it works.


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. This is a cool product Tracy! Knowing your skin is the best way to treat your skin’s problem. And this product will tell about the skin condition from time to time, which is awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • No worries! Although it might not be the best gadget in terms of its brand but it’s still a useful device. Like you said, knowing your skin is the best way to treat skin’s problem.

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