Multi-Purpose Household Soap Workshop

Are you into DIY or crafts? If you do, check out this work shop! Let’s get CREATIVE!!!

Our daily dishes that we wash maybe squeaky clean but are you aware that the dish washing water from your house contributes to water pollution?  With a little care from each of us, we could keep it clean and green.  So why not learn and try making your very own household soap?

Image Courtesy of Lullabelle Handmade Soap

Participants will be able to learn to make their own soap mold and approximately 800grams of soap which you can bring it back home after the workshop.

Date: 12th March 2011, Saturday

Time: 3:30pm – 6:30pm

Venue: Bfree Studio (opposite Sunway Pyramid and above 99 Mart – map below)

Image Courtesy of Lullabelle Handmade Soap

Fees: RM 80 (including materials and handling fees)

If you register as a pair, the promotional fee is only for RM150 (which includes all materials + welcoming gift from Lullabelle Handmade Soap).

A non-refundable deposit of RM30 per person is required. If you’d like to participate, please pre-register and have your deposit to Lullabelle Handmade Soap at least 1 week prior to class.

Each participant will receive a welcome gift, and also a chance to purchase Lullabelle Handmade Soaps at exclusively discounted prices. Oh, each participant will need to bring 1 empty milk cartons (1000ml size), don’t forget!

The minimum headcount to open this class is four person. It will be a small cozy class. Please reserve and inquire at

*If more that 6 people, tools will be shared within 2 people.


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