My Acne Skin Story

The above image is rather disgusting isn’t it? I’m not embarrassed to confess that this was my skin condition in November 2010. The acne breakout was crazy and I tried many skin care including Proactiv which I used to love because it helped my minor breakout in 2008 when I was in Melbourne. This breakout started small in the middle of 2010 and I ignored as I thought it would be a minor breakout just like what happened in 2008 but I was wrong. My ignorance has led to my major skin breakout as of the image above. Horrible huh?

Whichever idea that came across my mind to kill acne, I’ve tried but all in vain. It was depressing because everything I tried seems to be pointless. Therefore, I have no other solutions but to visit a dermatologist nearby which was said to be one of the best dermatologist in town.

Dr Ting is a no strange name as a skin specialist in town.  His clinic is located in the Golden Triangle of Kuala Lumpur is always full of appointments. I recommend booking an appointment with him 2 days earlier and do remember the booking number that the receptionist provided you as that is your queue number. Here is his address and contact number:

134 Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2144 4848/ 2148 4806
Fax: 03-2145 2659
Mobile: 012-607 2191

In his clinic displays his certification from Malaysia, London and USA. Also a list of services provided from this clinic. I was skeptical and worried if this solution would be pointless and waste of money but after my first visit, I never regret. In Dr Ting’s opinion, he did mentioned my condition was pretty severe but I’ve seen worse during my visit to his clinic. After his consultation, I was provided with cleanser, toner, moisturising gel and Oratane (acne medication) that last for two weeks.

My first visit bill came up to MYR152 if I’m not mistaken. I use the skin care and took the medication accordingly for two weeks and I see result. My acne reduced but there was still some flaring up. My second visit was consultation with same skin care and medication plus injection. I was given a choice for the injection and I went for it because Dr Ting did mentioned that it helps to reduce acne much faster. I don’t remember what was in the syringe but Dr Ting injected it directly to my acnes, that was CRAZY PAINFUL but I had to bear with it. The syringe cost MYR50 and definitely worth it because I see results next day, it is proven how powerful it is. I continued with my medication until January 2011 without the skincare products from them. Up until today, I believe that my hormone is the hypocrite of all these.

As time goes by, my skin condition improved. I no longer in medication now but I do get breakout every few days. I still take in the medication if the breakouts tend to be more than the usual, just to control it. My acne free skin’s best friend is tea tree oil, lemon juice, benzoyl peroxide and more. I’m more careful now and will never ignore my skin condition now.

See my skin now? Try to compare with the top image. Happy skin, happy me, happy life. I do recommend going to this dermatologist if you need one. I’m trying to keep myself healthy by sleeping well, drinking green tea everyday, taking supplements, drink wheatgrass, doing home skin treatments and try not to neglect skin care regime.

During my severe breakout , I totally did not wear makeup at all though I love them so much. It’s better to treat my troubled skin than covering it. If you notice, my skin condition worsen from mid 2010 from my videos. I was trying to cover up but I realise that I have to clear up my skin before going further. Skin like mine needs more attention that normal skin types.

What shall I say? Never ignore your skin condition till it worsen. Don’t ever be like me! When I spill to my friends how much skin care I use for day and night, they shook their head and said ‘you are so hardworking but that’s a lot of skin care!’. I learned my lesson for sure and not going to risk it again.


Have you ever come across with breakouts? How severe was it?


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. oh dear! :O i can’t imagine what you must have been through! and the jab on the acne >< btw i have been drinking green tea very regularly but it doesn't help anything in terms of preventing breakout or slow down acne

    • It was depressing and this is not the first time for me to cry over having bad skin. I know right, the acne is already painful but with the jab…double of it and I felt the pounding of the pain! Green tea is for my daily detox, you might want to try wheat grass? Also, try to drink coconut juice to cool off body heat. Tea tree oil works wonders for me, you could try the ones from The Body Shop or Aiken. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Thanks babe! It was really tough to struggle with acne, I’m still working out hard to clear those acne marks. Time to use scar gels again but pitted scars are difficult to remove with it unless I go for laser. I believe in treating the major trouble first, after-all great makeup starts with good skin!

  2. My skin is more serious than yours.
    I just went to see Dr.Ting today, may i know how long does it takes for your face to recover?

    • Really? I recommend going to the dermatologist at your soonest! For me, it took about 2-3 months but occasionally, I still do get breakouts.

  3. Hello, i love reading your blog <3 HeHe…
    I do not have acne before…but dunno y it just pop out suddenly and it getting worst day by day…
    And i decided to visit dr.Ting also…
    Just wanted to ask….do we need to go back for treatment everyweek or every month? Or just visit when the medication finished??

    • Hi Trislynn,

      I would recommend to visit him if your skin problem is still there and when you are out of the medication. For me, I even stopped my medication once my skin has fully healed just so my body doesn’t rely on the medication as much.

  4. Hey Tracyln. I’m glad that your skin is now back to normal. But do you knkw what is the reason of the sudden breakout?

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