My Mane Woe~!

Guess what this is all about? Are we getting a hair cut?

Himalaya Herbals are one of the well known brand for its natural ingredients in skin and hair care. This workshop is to reintroduce the Protein Hair Care range, the repackage design gives a fresh look to the range. There are five new ranges:

  • Anti Dandruff Range
  • Anti Hair Fall Range
  • Protein Conditioner Range
  • Protein Shampoo Range
  • Protein Shampoo (2 in 1)

First start with my hair analysis by Yvonne, a nutritionist from Himalaya Herbals. My overall scalp is very healthy except that there is a minor hair fall that could possibly form a M-shape (the scalp sides above forehead). Normal healthy hair follicle would have at least 2-3 strands of hair but the areas of my hair fall  only have one strand on each follicle and some follicle has closed.  It is advisable to take care of it now to prevent future balding. With the analysis, I was also provided Himalaya Herbal hair care products accordingly and proceed to try the products.

Step 1 – Pre Wash Nourishment

Product: Revitalizing Hair Oil

Ever wonder to use oil on your scalp? My hair could go really oily by the end of the day and this is definitely my first time hearing using such method. This oil will give proper nutrition to the hair and scalp to promote hair growth. Massaging scalp with the hair oil helps to increase blood circulation for better absorption and strengthen the hair root.

It was uncomfortable to have more oil despite of my oily scalp but if this method works, I would keep up with such routine.  I love the massage, it was awesome. I never had such a great massage and its coming from a hairstylist. The massage did not just concentrate on the scalp but it went all the way to my neck and upper back. So relaxing!

Step 2 – Cleanse

Product: Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

After massaging for about 15 minutes, it’s time to shampoo off the oil.  I love this part since I’m uncomfortable with the oil. The shampoo has quite a strong herbal scent but not too overwhelming. The shampoo is suppose to provide nourishment, strengthen weaken hair and improves hair texture to reduce hair fall.

Step 3 – Conditoner

Product: Protein Conditioner Color Protect

I was given this conditioner because I told Yvonne I frequently color my hair. I will need to color my hair again as soon as I get another hair cut. I hadn’t been cutting my hair since last December :O . However, many conditioner in the market doesn’t do well to moisturize my hair after my last hair chemical and I had to use richer formula like hair mask as a replacement.

This conditioner is suppose to provide nourishment, protect my hair color and giving it it’s true color stays longer. It also helps to soften, smoothen and repair hair.

Step 4 – All Day Leave on Protection

Product: Protein Hair Cream

I only apply hair serums after washing my hair but this tub of cream makes me more skeptical, fearing it that it would be too oily for my hair. This is suppose to accelerate hair growth, strengthen hair root and prevent hair fall.

This is the finishing results! Nicely tamed and shiny hair. I hardly blow my hair with hair dryer unless I have a heat protectant with me. I still prefer to air dry it.

The student hairstylist who does the job is Elaine, I recommend for her great massage! I actually asked her if I can get a haircut but too bad for me, they can’t do it. Academy students service are allowed for weekdays and I can’t make it on weekdays.

Here is some services of what the academy provides. Very affordable!

Thanks to Himalaya Herbals for having me for this workshop! Oh and answering so many of my questions too 😛 .

* This is just an overall experience for the workshop, will review the products later on.


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