My Second Fractional CO2 Laser, An Intensive Further Treatment

It has been a month after I have done my first Fractional CO2 Laser and it was a great experience. In the previous post, my target for undergoing this treatment is to improve my depressed scars. Do note that there is downtime from undergoing this treatment and it took 9 days for all the scabs to completely shed off from my face and within the 9 days, I have not used any whitening skin care or mask.

Fractional CO2 Laser

My second visit this time, I wanted to tell Dr Lashela if I could undergo for stronger beams because I didn’t feel that the last treatment was strong enough. Before I could say so, Dr Lashela examined my skin and she also felt that those depressed scars especially on my nose area is quite severe. She suggested subcision, stronger beams and asked if I mind with a longer downtime.  As though Dr Lashela could read my mind, I agreed with her that my depressed scars are very prominent and told her I wouldn’t mind the longer down time.  I really want to see a greater improvement.

Fractional CO2 Laser - Before & After

Before looking into what I have undergone for my second visit. Let’s just make a comparison on after the first session. On before photo is when I have yet to undergo the treatment and after is before undergoing the second session. My skin texture seems to be improved and several redden acne scars seem to diminished. Do bare in mind on my after photo I did apply some BB cream.

Fractional CO2 Laser-  Before & After Close Up

Here is a close up of before and after the first session. My skin texture does look slightly smoother than before and after my downtime, I did notice that some of the blackheads come off easily. Also, lesser blackheads and sebum build-up under my skin too but I still get breakouts periodically.

=Fractional CO2 Laser - Subcision

What makes it different from my first session is not only that the beams are much stronger but subcision was included. Subcision is a procedure to treat deep ‘rolling’ scars that were caused by acne or other skin disease, you can also read further information here. Just like the first treatment, I had my face numbed with numbing cream before my treatment starts. Above is where the subcision was done where the needle is inserted multiple times of the same area on my depressed scars that can be found mostly on my nose, cheek and forehead. It may look scary but because my skin was numbed earlier, the injection is less painful. After subcision was completed, doctor proceeded to the laser. Doctor also gave a a jab that helps to reduce redness after the laser.

Fractional CO2 Laser - After The Treatment

Here is a before and after the treatment. I’m not sure if you can tell but this time is much redder and swollen than before. You can also see some traces of blood from the subcision on my nose. I find that the jab that helps to reduce redness also controls the swelling because throughout the day, I don’t feel my face is much swollen too.

Fractional CO2 Laser - Day 3

This is the photo that I have shared in my Instagram on the day 3 after the laser. Again, you can see the grid-like patterns and if you look closely, there are some dark patches on my cheek and nose area. I believe the size of the area for the laser is adjustable as those dark patches are actually smaller grid patterns.

My Appointment…

I have set my appointment at the earliest of the day which is 8:30am on last Saturday and I did turn up punctually. However the wait was a little too long (more than 2 hours) and I was informed by the beautician there was quite a number of patients that day. My treatment started at 11:15am. For the long wait, the numbing cream also seeped into my eyes that stings very much and I had to wipe it off myself.

I strongly believe that this needs to be improved. I do have one more session to go with Mediviron UOA Clinic and I hope this will never happen again.

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    • It does look painful but no worries, there’s numbing cream. Do you mean the effect of how the depressed scars improved? They are certainly permanent because they are healed naturally by our own skin.

  1. Do you mind letting me know how much did all of this cost? you can reply me through email..

  2. I m looking for a procedure that can help to reduce pores size and improve skin texture. And fraxel seems to be the best option. But i am kind of concern about the downtime and redness post procedure since I have ultra sensitive skin. Did u notice any improvement in terms of skin texture and pores refiniment just after the 1st session?

  3. im also interested to do this the laser. but im afraid of the reddish effect after the laser and the downtime also.
    btw from scale 1- 5, how red is the face after the treatment? hehe

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