Mysterious Out Look Makeup Tutorial

I’m back with a new makeup tutorial. Something wearable and elegant for the day. This was requested look with specified colors to combine. This is the third time that I filmed this because I wasn’t satisfied with the surrounding lighting and how the makeup turned out on the earlier filming. It was frustrating but once I got it right, I’m all satisfied though I believe there is still room for improvement for night filming when there isn’t sufficient light. I learned that we can’t rely on sunlight all the time. Please enjoy Mysterious Out Look Makeup Tutorial!


This is a very light makeup, very serene and elegant at the same time. The yellow looks like there’s a hint of sunlight on my eyes.

Here is a few different angles for the eye makeup. As you can see, its very soft and the purple at the outer corner helps to create depth. The purple is essential to avoid making the eye makeup to be flat.

This is a very wearable look and try to avoid using bold lip color as it will overwhelm the entire look. To transform it into a night look, go darker for the purple.

Other than being elegant, this is also a very sweet, cute and delicate look because of the soft colors like soft purple and sky blue.

An easy way to look even more elegant is to sweep the back of your hair to one side and you will get the polish elegant look. Amazing huh? What I did was just flipping my hair and added more accent to the look. Till next time, cheers!


Traclyn Yeoh
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