Mystical Sky Prom Makeup Tutorial

I’ve got a request on creating a Prom makeup for blue dress and I was so excited because I never created one before. I did a quick one and posted in my Facebook here to ask for ideas on naming it. I combined two person’s idea into one and came out with the name of this tutorial! Thanks for all the help and this look is very elegant yet mystifying. Please enjoy the tutorial!


I love how everything turned out because its not just a plain boring blue, the rusted gold shade adds warmth to the eyes and glitters gives an instant glamorous look.

To complete the look, put an updo for your hair and pair with beautiful dangling earrings.

This look is not too overwhelming. It also makes you look very classy.

Believe it or not, I think I only had only foundation for my prom and at that point of time, I know nothing about makeup. I looked so flat in photos! Enjoy your night to remember and have fun!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. hey traclyn..nice video u got there…i was curious…

    where did u get the revlon colourstay with the pump bottle?…

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