Nail It For The Wedding Night

From my previous post, I have shared with you my Shanghai nails and isn’t it beautiful? It’s also goes along with Chinese New Year theme because of the gold and the red. The flower just adds more authenticity for the nails.  This is where I went to get my nails done which is Kirei Style.

I brought my camera along with me but it died and I had to use my phone camera to snap photos around. Please pardon me for the image quality. Also, I forgot to snap a photo of the interior of the nail salon but the chandelier is awesomely pretty! I went there with my sister in law, Joanne and it was recommended by her aunt. During CNY, we saw her aunt’s nails was so beautiful and it caught our attention to it.

We were seated to get our feet pampered first. While doing so, we are given a couple of nail templates to choose from. There are so many pretty and cute ones that we had to remind each other to stick with Shanghai style nails for the wedding. Speaking about the wedding, its my brother’s!

The trouble with having so many choices, is to contemplate which I should really go for and I have finally chose this. This is how the original nail looked like and I requested it to have glitters instead of just glossy gold.

I forgot to ask the name of my manicurist but she is very young and sweet. This is my first time using services from nail salon and I don’t feel so nice having someone to scrub and clean my feet. The guilt feeling to have someone to wash my feet is just uncomfortable.

This is the first time I see my feet in pink of health. Laugh at me but seriously, I never seen my nails and feet to be so healthy. The dead skin from my nails, toes and feet is all gone. The top image is where my manicurist have applied base coat. I had three nail extensions on my right hand because I chipped them. OPI nail polish was used for all of my nails to complete this style.

This is Joanne’s nails. For her toes, she had soft red with flower art and for her fingers, she had gel extensions, sparkles with flower art. Her flower art is drawn by hand. Each flower art was drawn precisely and carefully. Hers is so pretty that she was so mesmerized while she was driving, just can’t keep her eyes off her nails!

This is how the store front look like. The bill for both of us is for MYR 400+, only my nails has already cost MYR150+.  It’s pretty expensive for me but the pampering session was worth it and Joanne had paid for me. Thank you sis! If you don’t mind splurging, I definitely recommend this nail salon.

If you would like to book an appointment, you may contact Cici at 019-3869668 or 017-3376219. They are located at,

Kirei Style (Nail Life Beauty)
D-G-7  Jalan Metro Perdana 2,
Taman Usahawan Kepong,
Kepong Utara,
52100 Kuala Lumpur.

Traclyn Yeoh
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