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I’m out of toner and night moisturiser a couple of days ago. Plus, my previous eye cream got chewed by my sister in law’s puppy when I stayed over at her house last week. I don’t know if I should be angry because the little pup is too cute to be angry off. Anyways, I decided to haul at Naruko Malaysia after my last purchase with them in February. I find their products is quite good and love how much natural products they have in their product too. Initially, I wanted to grab this set but it was out of stock during my order and it was available the next day. How frustrating!

1. Naruko Narcisssus Total Defense Eye Essence Cream

This is a special offer set along with the night gelly below, its available here and its for MYR69. It has anti ageing properties and suitable for all skin types. More info here.

2. Naruko Narcissus Total Defense Night Gelly

This night gelly goes along with the eye cream above and I love their night gelly because I tried the sample that they gave from my last haul. The sample was Taiwan Magnolia for brightening and firming. It smell so good and it feels great after application A total boost of moisture! It comes with a spatula that I wish there is a holder from the jar. I didn’t use it and kept it aside. More info here.

3. Naruko Tea Tree Oil Out Balancing Serum for MYR52

My main target to haul at Naruko is this serum as well after going through great reviews on it. It’s a little expensive to purchase this individually and more worth it to get from the initial set that I wanted.  It moisturises, tighten pores, clears blackhead and acne. Tea tree oil worked so well for me and I believe in Naruko products. More info here.

I think I’m getting addicted with Naruko since they work well on me, even my colleague is benefitting from the product and she ordered more often than I do. I’ll try my luck again next time for the initial set I wanted when I’m out of all above.

Have you tried any products above?


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Hi..have u tried the night eye gelly from the same series? I couldn’t decide to have which one – eye essence cream or night eye gelly?

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