Next To You, Close To You – The Launch of AUPRES

AUPRES is a brand of skincare and makeup range developed specially for Asians.

AUPRES is pronounced as ‘ou-pré’ in French which means ‘next to you, close to you’. It holds the philosophy of “High Quality”, “High Service” and “High Image”, these products delivers effective and affordable for everyone.

With some of the best Japanese skincare technology, there are five full skin care ranges  targeting women with different skin care needs. Also, featuring of a few star products from a few of the ranges. The first Asian country to experience AUPRES is China which now have become one of the top cosmetic brand in the country.

Image Courtesy of AUPRES

Sun Li, the official brand ambassador for AUPRES who is one of China’s most promising young actress. This rising star gains her fame with her leading roles in one of China’s TV series Once Upon a Time in Shanghai and Jade Goddess of Mercy after she was first discovered in 2001 Star Search by Singapore’s MediaCorp.

Image Courtesy of AUPRES

AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask

This sleeping mask comes in a jelly-emulsion texture which promises to hydrate, locks in moisture and replenish skin overnight.With a light floral scent, it instantly calms, relaxes and ultimately improves skin’s ability to absorb and fill in with the powerful nutrients from skin care products. It is light-weight with no oily residue, suitable for sensitive skin.

AUPRES Pro-Balancing

This range promotes hydration with the essential balance of water and oil for healthy glowing skin. Suitable for normal to dry skin,  this range comes with  basic 1-2-3 steps  and several essential cares for smoother, hydrated and well-balanced skin.

Image Courtesy of AUPRES

AUPRES Pro-Balancing Perfect Moisture-Control Essence

The star product from this range instantly hydrates of any skin types to deliver the ideal balance of water and oil, highly moisturizes without leaving stickiness and/or oiliness.

AUPRES Time-Lock Solution

An anti-aging range incorporated with Yeast extract which promotes skin collagen productivity and Japanese Basil extract to maintain skin resilience, keeping skin free from fine lines and wrinkles.

Image Courtesy of AUPRES

AUPRES Time-Lock Solution Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

 Formulated with nourishing ingredients to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. Rich and lustrous eye cream leaves no conspicuous wrinkles on that area.

 AUPRES Ultimate White

This whitening range addresses skin pigmentation to its very core. Formulated with System Whitening Factor α, an ingredient to stimulate melanin production and Tranexamic Acid that prevents minor inflammation and pigmentation. The superior effect leaves fairer and more translucent skin.

Image Courtesy of AUPRES

AUPRES Ultimate White Extra Intensive Spot Serum

This serum targeting pigmentation and dullness at its root with highly effective lightening ingredients. It corrects and inhibits dark spots leaving skin brighter, clearer and dewy.

AUPRES Pureness Bright

This range helps to even out skin tone  and brighten complexion. It controls on sebum oxidation, lightens darkening melanin and hydrates the skin revealing brighter and most translucent skin.


The suncare range helps to protect skin from harmful UV rays. Formulated with the potent Double UV Shield which helps to prevent UV rays to harm at any angle. This range also provides skin benefits to repair damaged skin and dryness.

AUPRES Premium

The exclusive range incorporated with highly-acclaimed stem cells properties that moisturises and nourishes skin for healthy, rosy glow skin. This range is a result of the brand’s meticulous stem cells research with other  intensive nourishing and restorative ingredients.

Image Courtesy of AUPRES

 AUPRES Premium Cell Renewing Cream

 An anti-aging cream concerning sagging, dryness, wrinkles and dullness. This cream helps to slow down skin firmness deteoration and promote  formation of collagen fiber for radiant, firm and glowing skin. Using the most advanced stem cell


Specially designed to complement Asian skin, this makeup range is to  enhance women’s natural beauty to achieve young, healthy with beautiful vibrant skin. The range includes liquid foundations, makeup base, pressed powders, lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, blushers, mascaras lip liners , eyebrow and eye liners.

  • Expanding Image Eyeshadow – 8 shades available
  • Energetic Spiral Lip Glosses – 8 shades available
  • Gloss-stay Dimensional Lipstick – 18 shades available
  • Lip Shaping Liner – 6 shades available
  • Infinite Extending Mascara (Volume)
  • Infinite Extending Mascara (Long)
  • Mascara Enhancing Base (Volume & Curl)
  • Grooming Brow Mascara – 2 shades available 

  • Smile & Touch Blush – 5 shades available
  • Fine Finish Eye liner – 2 shades available
  • Fine Finish Browliner – 3 shades available
  • Brilliant Star Eyeliner – 5 shades available
  • Lively Finish Pressed Powder – 3 shades available
  • Lively Finish Moisture Makeup Base
  • Lively Finish Oil Control Makeup Base

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: October 2012 at Parkson Pavilion (first counter)


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