NYX Cosmetics Malaysia (Unofficial) – Merdeka! Makeup Competition

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may already know about this because I’ve been mass messaging everyone in my contacts. Just to let everyone know that I’m participating this competition from NYX Cosmetics Malaysia (Unofficial) in conjunction to our national day on 31st August. In order to win in this competition, contestants need the most “Like” for their submission. I’ve participated a little late and I need every body’s help to click on “Like” for my submission. I have submitted this:

This is how you’ll be able to vote:

Step 1

You have to “Like” the NYX Cosmetics Malaysia(Unofficial) page.

Step 2

The “Like” button for my photo is located after the picture and before the comments. It’s on the same line as Added today(or whenever it should be).Comment.Like row.

It’s easy isn’t it? The vote counts ends on 30th August 2010 (my bad for being last minute), so please help me! Looking at the situation, I need 200 or more “Likes”. I know the chances is very slim that’s why this post is here too. Please help to spread the word? If all of my contacts in Facebook be able to vote *cross fingers*, I’ll be really thankful but some people just tend to ignore messages. Therefore, I’m taking the effort to let everybody know.

I’ve recorded a video tutorial along with this look. Unfortunately, when I’m trying to edit the video, the earlier scene just went missing! It was frustrating because I thought I could release the video as soon as this photo does. I’ll have to re-do the shooting again. >.<

Wish me luck for this competition and remember your vote counts!


Traclyn Yeoh
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