October 2012 Hits & Misses

October was all about Halloween and I skipped quite a few events just to make sure I have some videos uploaded, check them out here.  Lately been addicted to Running Man, it’s a Korean Variety Show and Nice Guy, Korean Drama. Crazy huh? I’m getting into the Korean fever again since Running Man and that show is freaking hilarious!

Revlon ColorStay Foundation has been my all time favourite but now its slightly darker than my skin tone. Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle didn’t work out for me so well, I have reviewed this foundation previously and you could check it here. I have noticed my skin become brighter as months go on and I didn’t want to purposely buy a new foundation, so I mixed both of these two foundation together. To my surprise, the mixture works well for me. I was worried that it could turn out oily but it lasted longer than I expected and the coverage is medium to high.

Since my skin shade became brighter, I had high hopes on the foundation provided to me. Burberry Velvet Foundation has good coverage but didn’t have strong oil controlling properties plus I have the wrong shade. Otherwise, I would have love the foundation madly. Full review, here.

I get many compliments for my long lashes but though they are long, the length is uneven and the lower lashes doesn’t seem to grow as much. Talika challenged me to use Lipocils Expert and I was quite sceptical if it does make my lashes grow longer and fuller in 28 days. I never realise how my lashes are until I started to compare the photos. Amazing! It works to even out the length of all my lashes and Burberry Makeup Artist did mentioned my lashes now are so much more fuller as to compared from the last time that he met me. Full review, here.

I’m a mascara addict because I always love to flatter my lashes more and this is my first time using SilkyGirl’s mascara. It totally WOW-ed me as it gives so much drama to my lashes and yes, I love the drama! This mascara is only for MYR22.90 which is very affordable for its result. Full review, here.

One of my most laziest skin care regime is eye care but not with this product. I have never enjoyed massaging my eye area like this before! It comes with an applicator called Light-Pearl, it helps my eye to relax using Light-Pearl to massage my eye area and treating it at the same time. Even if I finished the product one day, I will reserve the applicator for future use! Full review, here.


How was your October?

Did you celebrate Halloween?

Have you use any of the product above?


Traclyn Yeoh
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