Ohh Sexy Lady, La Senza Show Off Launch Party

Just last weekend, La Senza introduced their new line of lingerie, La Senza Show Off. Kicking in with party launches in their outlet on 31 August at 1 Utama and 1 Sept at Pavilion reaching out lingeristas all around town.

The party was exclusively for those who RSVP-ed at their respective prefered location from La Senza Facebook. I couldn’t miss out on this because I want to see what’s the fuzz buzz about this ‘SHOW OFF’!

This uber sexy collection comes in 3 styles which is Plunge, Demi and Balconnet. The new Balconnet multi-way push-up can be worn in 7 different ways according to your wardrobe style with comfort,

  1. Strapless – no straps at all
  2. Classic – parallel straps
  3. Narrow Classic – back strap narrows to the center
  4. One shoulder – one strap across from one side to another
  5. Crossed – both straps crossing each other on the back
  6. Halter – one strap going across the back of the neck, baring the back
  7. Narrow Crossed – Crossed back strap narrows to the center

Adding more vibe to the party, we have DJ Frannie Luv in the house. She played some of my favourites, her remix is cool and I love how she bedazzled her Mac.

 What’s in this collection? Here’s the fashion show!

Other than having Balconnet to be worn in 7 different ways, the bra’s comes with removable paddings which adds a boost and ‘umph’ to your assets. This collection has lots of laces and animal print to it.

To spice up more of the party, we have two hot hunks dishing a tray out showcasing the bra’s from this collection. When the emcee mentioned that lingeristas could take photos with them, they couldn’t hesitate but to gush to their hotties.

There’s ‘Happy Hour’ right after the hotties where the bras are for MYR60.00 each (retails at MYR109.00) and panties are for MYR12.00 each (retails at MYR24.00), quite a deal really! Drop by to your nearest La Senza to get a hands-on experience of how the texture, comfort level, push up level and designs. To keep yourself updated with the latest from La Senza Malaysia, don’t forget to like their Facebook below! 

Traclyn Yeoh
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