Ombre Glistening Midnight Nails

Ombre colors are one of most popular technique of shades no matter for your makeup, nails or hair. I have mine on my nails this time which is so simple to do. It gives such a beautiful effect that its hard to tell that you didn’t get your nails done at any nail salon.

First, I applied The Face Shop base coat to protect my nails for smoother and preventing yellowing. I think I might need recommendation for better base because my nails are turning yellow after the last nail color and I only kept it for a week.

Apply purplish blue nail color as the main color and I’m using The Face Shop Nail Color PP409. You could choose any other color too.

Thanks to Elessa Jade from Pursebuzz whom shared how to do nails like this on her Tips Thursday. Use sponge eye shadow applicator and dip into a darker shade. I’m using The Face Shop Nail Color PP406 and gently stipple onto the tip of the nails. As you go on you might want to add more at the furthest tip to make it look darker. Now IĀ regrettedĀ in tossing out those sponge applicators. They work like magic for this!

Using the same side of the sponge applicator, dip lightly into sky blue glitters and stipple it on like how I did earlier. The nail polish earlier that was on the sponge applicator help to pick up the glitter and makes it so much easier to transfer the glitter to the nails. Remember to dip into the glitter lightly unless you want it to be more chunky.

Finally, finish off with a top coat and I’m using Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat and treat your cuticles with cuticle oil after cleaning the mess of the nail polish at the sides of your nails.

Voila, now you have ombre nails easily without much mess. This is super easy and beautiful. If you ever tried this, please share it on my Facebook Page!


Traclyn Yeoh
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