On the Scene at Glam Street Fashion Bazaar No.5

It’s good to catch up with my bestie again for lunch and visit to bazaar. This time is the Glam Street Fashion Bazaar! It was held on the 20th November 2010 at the Lot 10 Roof Top. I never been to the roof top of Lot 10 and I’m amazed how beautiful it is. It’s so refreshing and inspired me to have such deco when I have my own house. It’s just simple with lots of green with indoors of large glass windows. There’s Celebrity Fitness Express here, imagine how nice is it to do yoga here?

The event started at 1:00pm and my bestie went over after we had our lunch. Guess what did we had that day? Just waffles and bubble teas, light and easy!

Somehow it felt like I’m in a golf course. It does look like one and I’m in love with this place. There’s a bar inside with high top tables and chairs as well as sofas and coffee table outside. The weather on that day is just nice, not too sunny and warm, just cloudy. We skipped the bar and went on to the bazaar.

A lovely lady approach us to register. She was really friendly and nice! We were given some vouchers (which I misplaced it all over in my bag and forgot to take a picture of it) and red ribbon for the HIV and AIDS awareness. Let’s see who’s around!

Fab’louz, their shopping bag attracted me. Nice one!

I think the left one is Miccaz? Super affordable clothing! The next is The Lollipop House. I remember that they were in the POCC Bazaar too! They have quite a range of handmade accessories and I bought one of them back home with me! Check this out:

Isn’t it cute? Love how simple and the cuteness of the owl just spiced everything up nicely.

Till next time!


Traclyn Yeoh
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