Ooh La Lace Prom Makeup Tutorial

Bored of smokey eyes for big occasions like Prom? I had the wackiest idea and came out with this look which I am so excited to share it. It may seem difficult but not at all, just check out the tutorial and you’ll know how easy it is to create this look. I reckon if you don’t mind being adventurous for this Prom, you’ll going to rock this Lace Prom Makeup! Enjoy!




This makeup is not too difficult to do right? You’ll just have to be careful and patient when it comes to creating the the lace pattern. Seems like having Paperself Lashes when your eyes are opened but nothing too dramatic.

At this distance, it seems like some interesting makeup that will attract people to come closer to you. Some could probably mistaken that you’re trying on Black Swan makeup.

By far, it may look like ordinary smokey cat eye that is why I said this isn’t too dramatic after all and you can put on any dress to go with this look which makes this makeup more flexible.

This is also great for any skin tone and eye color. We want the attention on the eyes most of the time hence lighter makeup on the cheeks and lips.

Don’t forget to bring some of your essentials to touch up in your clutch or bag. Most important of all, have fun for your Prom with dancing, photo taking and your date! If you ever try this look, please share it in my Facebook! Enjoy your night to remember!


Traclyn Yeoh
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