My First Visit to Number 76 @ Bangsar 2

Number 76, a no strange name for their hair saloon services and work. I have always heard good things about them and finally, I get to try their services. I have been following one of the hair  stylist in Instagram by the name Amy who is based in Bangsar 2 and I had the opportunity to witness her work myself.

Number 76

One of Number 76 is located in Bangsar 2 has a very clean external design which you could hardly tell if this is a hair saloon. Anyone could have mistaken this place as a cafe because it looked so cozy and comfy.

Number 76 Welcome Drink

I was greeted by Ee Ling who share Number 76 bag to have my handbag kept safe and protected as well as a cup of warm green tea, my favorite tea of all.

Number 76 Natural Brown Hair Coloring

After a friendly consultation from Amy, it has been decided for me to do hair coloring touch up on the roots and hair treatment. On the right is Amy and left is Ee Ling who was assisting Amy. The color touch up is natural brown. As much as I wanted to explore other colors, I believe natural brown is easier to maintain for greying hair just like I do.

Number 76 Natural Brown Hair Coloring Wrapping

Once they are done applying the dye on my hair roots, cling wrap was used for effective and stronger absorbency towards the dye. Leave it for 20 minutes and ready to rinse.
Number 76 Deep Cleansing Scalp

Ee Ling did the rinsing and deep cleansing for my scalp to remove any impurities or build up in order for my hair to grow healthier. When I was seated, a dry eye sheet mask was placed over my eyes to avoid any water drops. As to the deep cleansing, Ee Ling have used a different shower heads that gives a pulse massage to my scalp. It is very relaxing and I would say this would be the most gentle hair rinsing I have ever experienced.

Number 76 Deep Cleansing Scalp Residue

Here is the result from the deep scalp cleansing where it has quite a bit of dirt that floats the top of the water. Ewww!

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium

This would be the treatment of Ultrasonic Premium which is signature treatment available in Number 76. I have very dry hair ends that always leave tangles and lead to hair fall. This treatment would be able to help me to fight this matter.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Device

The device used for the treatment looks like a straightener where uses vibration to allow the treatment product to penetrate deep within each hair strand for mega nourishment, entangle knots, ultra softness, radiant shine, silky smooth, stronger texture and healthier hair.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Treatment

First treatment lotion to apply and separate evenly with a comb. Ee Ling then use the device to press my hair in between. Though it looks like a straighter but it doesn’t straighten my hair at all and it will not do. After completing with the device, second treatment lotion was applied and left for about 10 minutes before rinsing. Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Rinse 1

Here I am again with the eye patch with Ee Ling helping me to rinse off all the treatment lotion. You could see my peeping under the eye patch. 😛

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Treatment 2

Ee Ling applied the lotion for the third time and I could see she applied the lotion much thoroughly by running her fingers between hair strands and rubbed with fingers. She then uses the device again and ensure all parts of the hair receives the treatment.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Rinse 2

The last rinse includes a warm towel, this promotes blood circulation for my scalp.

Number 76 Deese's Hair Treatment

Ee Ling also provides me a month supply of home hair mask treatment where I could maintain my hair on my own weekly. I love this mask because after a week from Number 76 signature treatment, my hair begin to feel slightly rough. After this mask, my hair is all soft and bouncy again.

Number 76 Spray Hair Tonic

Once Ee Ling was done with the rinsing, she sprayed tonic in few sections of my hair to prevent hair fall. The after effect was nice because it felt cooling.

Number 76 Deese's Elujuda Emulsion

Before she started to dry my hair Elujuda Emulsion was used on my hair ends to prevent tangles, smoothen and manageable hair.

Number 76 Deese's Elujuda Emulsion Application

The emulsion was applied over my hair ends even though my hair is still damp wet.

Number 76 Hair Drying

Amy and Ee Ling came together to dry my hair for a speedier service.

Number 76 Amy Hair Styling

Amy styled my hair by curling my hair ends and I was worried if I might turn out to look like a poodle but it turned out cute! I’m not trying to say that I look cute but the hair style did.

Number 76 Ultrasonic Premium Treatment Before & After

Here is a before and after that anyone could tell my current hair is much healthier, shiny and even colored. On my before, I did a bad home hair coloring job that Amy and Ee Ling thought and asked of which salon that I went to. Embarrassed but I braced myself to them that it was my job and I have selected much lighter color than the shades that I have used before which exposed my grey hair and lighter hair roots. Even though I am open for colors, I don’t seem to have much color of selection for grey hairs huh?

Numer 76 Traclyn Yeoh

This is how it looks from the front, not so poodle after all right? It soft curls and I believe the treatment made it look that way. For the longest time, I hadn’t felt my hair so smooth, bouncy and shiny. I was prancing around with my new hair and normally I would leave my hair to air dry but I have been hardworking to blow dry my hair everyday in order to have that long bob styled. Intentionally, I took my boyfriend’s hand to run through my hair and his response was ‘that is very soft, wow!’.

Number 76 Price List

Number 76 offers different hair services such as cut, color, perm, treatment, hair styling and hair extension. They are available at Mid Valley, Bangsar 2, Publika, Bangsar 1 and Starhill Gallery.


Traclyn Yeoh

Experience Beautiful, Smooth, Sandal-Ready Feet with Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System at Luxe by The Nail Parlour

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity pamper my feet in a much luxurious way at Luxe by The Nail Parlour. For the reason? To try out Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System at Luxe by The Nail Parlour

This would be my first time visiting Luxe by The Nail Parlour greeted by  the front is the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System. I was expecting basic pedicure service but I was wrong and it was more.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System

Our feet happens to be one of the most neglected body of part. Got to agree with that! Our daily life strains our leg with repeated squeezing, pressure, rubbing and/or friction usually caused by high heels and uncomfortable footwear. Such activity would harden the skin which then can be painful and unappealing.

“The Pedi device is precision engineered to provide the perfect balance of frequency and power for transformative foot treatments that achieve up to 10x smoother feet than manual buffing.

Thoroughly transform rough dry heels and toes in just minutes a day for beautiful, smooth, sandal ready feet.

10x smoother feet than manual buffing *

91% of women reported rejuvenated feet **

80% of women felt more confident barefoot

*when following suggested Clarisonic Pedi Regimen.

**After 2 weeks use.

Let me share with you for my entire experience at Luxe by The Nail Parlour.

Luxe by The Nail Parlour Leg Wash Basin

Upon entering I was greeted by Irene who has assisted me for my entire pampering session. Before entering to the pedi lounge, I was asked to remove my shoes and quickly Irene kept it in the brown bag.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Ready

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System is just waiting  for me to use them.

Luxe by The Nail Parlour Shoulder Pad

Irene gave me a warm neck cushion to have a good relaxation over the shoulders and it felt great especially at the end of the day where I was tired from work and all.

Luxe by The Nail Parlour Beverage

Served with complimentary premium TWG tea where I have picked Moroccan Mint Tea to refresh my senses.
Luxe by The Nail Parlour Menu

There’s a lap blanket to cover my legs and this comes convenient for those who are wearing skirts and it gives a great support if you have any reading material or phones. Irene had shared to browse over their services menu.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Nail Trmming

Begin with  sanitizing my toes then Irene helped to trim and apply cuticle softener. Pardon my feet as they don’t look appealing and bony. Irene also helped to push back the cuticles as well as nipped them off.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Pedi Smoothing Disc

‘Designed to smoothen and soften dull, rough foot skin, this sonic smoothing disc works synergistically with the Pedi device to counteract the factors that cause dry, rough, heels and toes. The textured, metal disc has been engineered to work synergistically with sonic technology to slough away rough, dry areas without damaging the health of the foot skin.’
Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System - Pedi Smoothing Disc How To

This disc was used on the rough areas such as heels, toes or middle of the foot where rough and dry skin can normally be found. Depends on individuals, skin will usually thicken on the areas that gets a lot of friction in order to protect it. As it thicken, it is also hardens where you want to get rid of it. device targeted on dry areas to remove and this is good for those who suffers from dry feet or cracked heels.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Pedi Wet Dry Buffing Brush Head

‘A combination of short rigid filaments and longer, flexible filaments effectively exfoliate and buff dry, damaged feet. The filament blend designed to allow for optimal migration of the Pedi-Buff for more even coverage and thorough exfoliation.’

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Pedi-Buff Foot Smoothing Exfoliant

‘Safe for daily use, this powerful cleansing scrub contains triple-kick exfoliating blend of lactic acid, apricot seed and a tri-fruit complex to dissolve away rough, dead skin and refine skin texture.’

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System - Pedi Wet Dry Buffing Brush Head How To

Both Pedi Buffing Brush and Foot Smoothing Exfoliant was used together. I do have crack foot but it is not as severe anymore and now they are dry instead. The brush is meant to get into the cracks to remove dirt and it has a 2 minute timer  but if needed, it can be used longer. This brush can be used in the shower. It does feel ticklish in some areas of the feet while using the brush.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Pedi-Buff - Luxe by The Nail Parlour - Irene

Here comes the foot massage where Irene does the massage cheerfully and she was attentive to check if she was using the right pressure. She would massage the exfoliant up to the calf area.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System - Pedi-Buff - Rinse

Rinse and dry my feet after, this is my second time to do pedicure and I am not very used to having others to wash my legs.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Pedi-Boost Foot Renewing Peel

‘Used twice-weekly this powerful foot peel is specifically designed to exfoliate and renew skin without harsh particles. This peel combines lactic and glycolic acid to slough and remove dead skin cells.’

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Pedi-Boost Renewing Peel How To

Apply it all around my feet and leave it for 3 minutes to  allow absorption.

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System Pedi-Balm Foot Softening Balm

‘Safe for daily use, this non-greasy and no slip hydrating balm contains a gentle blend of shea butter, honey and apricot oil to soften, hydrate and protect feet. Dry, rough feet become smooth, supple and sandal-ready.’

As Irene apply the balm for me, I could notice my feet looked instantly brighter and it doesn’t feel greasy at all.

Luxe by The Nail Parlour White Tea and Ginger Massage Lotion

Irene topped with their home lotion of White Tea and Ginger Massage Lotion to apply over my legs. This lotion helps to moisten and lock moisture.

Luxe by The Nail Parlour White Tea and Ginger Massage Lotion How To

Irene was scrubbing earlier and to avoid my legs getting dried, the lotion is applied and massage until fully absorbed up to the calf.

Luxe by The Nail Parlour - OPI All Sparkly and Gold

Irene sanitized her hands again before being on painting my toe nails. First layer was a base coat and I have chose OPI All Sparkly and Gold for my shade. Two coats were required in order to show more glitters and finishes off with top coat. Before Irene started on painting nails, I was asked to wear on the disposable slippers which kept me wondering why.

Luxe by The Nail Parlour - Drying

Once Irene is done with painting my toe nails, I was asked to have a sit at the counter, place my feet by the counter like so and air started flowing to dry my nails. This is very creative and innovative.

Havainas Sandals

I was given complimentary a pair of Havaianas sandals upon my visit and check out my feet! They are all clean, hydrated and smooth.

The Experience

It was a great experience to be able to try Luxe by The Nail Parlour service which I find that it is good as the mani/pedicurist are all so friendly and cheerful. For the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Transformation System, it is an eye opener where I get to notice the difference after using it. The smoothness of my feet lasted about slightly more than a week  and I walk quite a bit daily. I do notice the lines over the feet is not as deep as before. I definitely felt more confident to show off my feet as compared to before because they look good and deserve to be shown.

Clarisonic Pedi Foot Sonic Transformation System available in all Sephora stores and Clarisonic kiosk in Bangsar Village 2 and Pavilion KL. Below are the suggested retail price.

PEDI Sonic Foot Transformtion System – MYR785.00

PEDI Accessories

  • PEDI Buff Foot Smoothing Exfoliant – MYR106.00
  • PEDI Balm Foot Softening Balm – MYR106.00
  • PEDI Boost Foot Renewing Peel 30ml – MYR123.00
  • PEDI Wet/Dry Buffing Brush Head – MYR99.00
  • PEDI Buff Smoothing Disc – MYR99.00
  • PEDI Replenishment Kit – MYR325.00


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow Gives You Natural Glowing Cheeks With A Hint of Pink

As much as I love blushers, I am not the type who would use heavily to have rosy pink cheeks. Instead, I like just a hint of pink to create that natural glow pink flushed cheeks. Often times you could hardly see me in heavy pink cheeks. Couldn’t deny the fact that I was very much attracted to the packaging of Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush which made me pick them.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow

‘Choose from three no-fail color palette blushes to take the guesswork out of creating a sweet, romantic flush. In each baked, heart shaped blush there are three individual color swatches. The baking process and multiple colors create dimensional color to provide the look of younger, brighter, healthier skin. It’s like having Hollywood lighting wherever you go. 
Blush is like dessert, you didn’t know you loved it until you had a taste of it. Our blush was developed with easy application and a no-fail color palette in mind—to take the guesswork out of creating a sweet, romantic flush. It’s the little black dress of blushes.’

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow Front Back

The heart shape cardboard box was attractive to me because it looked vintage and sweet at the same time. Plus with the shade that I have chosen, the combination of pink and cold makes the packaging even lovely.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow Shade

The shade that I have chosen is Candy Glow and let’s check on how the texture looks like on a close up.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow Close Up

The blush is 3 dimensional which normally baked makeup is. The blusher may seem shiny and all but after careful observation, it isn’t give that extreme shine as it can be seen here. Comes with 3 tones to create that natural pink flush where I do recommend to swirl your makeup brush to get an even shade over your cheeks.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow Swatch

From the swatch, you are able to witness that the shades aren’t as shimmery, in fact one of the shade is matte. From left to right, there is cold pink with fine silver glitters, matte peach and coral with fine gold glitters.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow Ingredients

This blusher contains mica, talc and silica, great to know if you are sensitive to any of these ingredients.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow How To

Applying this blusher is simple and easy, just swirl your makeup brush over it and brush it over the cheeks. The swirling will mix 3 of the blush shades to create a beautiful faint pink shade.

Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Candy Glow Before & After

From the before and after, the blusher creates a beautiful glow with a hint of pink. The shimmer is not overly done and it is not flaky that it settles in the pores. The shade is buildable.

Above all…

I love this blush! Though it could be hefty on the price, this is just what I am looking for. A blusher that gives me the glow with a hint of pink that is not overly done. I have came across some shimmering blusher that the shimmer or glitters actually settles in the pores which accentuates the size of the pores and this doesn’t. In fact, I quite like to apply this blusher and I would dust a little on my forehead and nose bridge to highlight them mildly. Because of the packaging, I would place it on my beauty counter to be part of a decorative item.

Price: MYR119.00

Weight: 5.5g/ 0.19oz

Availability: Sephora nationwide


  • Natural glow with a hint of pink
  • The glitters does not settle into pores
  • Buildable shade
  • Lovely and attractive packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Never overly done


  • Hefty price for selective people

My Rating: 4.9/5


Traclyn Yeoh

Dr Ko Beauty Transformation: Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser, Silicio, PDO Threadlift for Face & Nose

It has been a while since my last visit at Dr. Ko and every visit seems to be adventurous as I get to learn new procedures and explore further. This time round I will be going through a few treatment which is Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser, Silicio and PDO Threadlift for face and nose.

Dr Ko - Numbing Cream

Before any procedures starts, numbing cream was applied and was left about 40 minutes. Do bare in mind the clinic gets busy during the weekend. If you are able to visit them on weekday, it will be less busy.

Dr Ko - Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser Norseld Machine

First procedure was Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser using Norseld machine.

“The yellow light from the Dual Yellow Laser is a painless procedure and helps to generate collagen, the essential protein for giving yous skin elasticity. This happens because the yellow light affects the collagen in a way tat promotes regrowth; it also reduces pigmentation. So your skin will appear lightened, and more youthful.

The yellow light from Dual Yellow Laser destroys the P Acne bacteria, and shrinks the sebaceous gland to reduce the production of sebum. This laser is the only tye that targets the sebaceous gland to destroy bacteria without damaging surrounding tissue.

Other treatments available : melasma, bulky lesions, vascular, skin rejuvenation, pigmentation.”

Dr Ko - Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser Gel

Some faint red marks was left on my skin from my last procedure of the injections, therefore Dual Yellow Laser is recommended for me. A layer of gel is applied before the procedure starts.

Dr Ko - Dual Yellow Multi Wavelength Laser Treatment

The machine comes with a tube device where the bright yellow laser shines through it. The clinic beauticians are able to conduct such procedure. My eyes were protected and this procedure is painless, all I felt was the circular motion of the tube like how it felt when you go for facial treatments using machines. It doesn’t take too much of a time at all, approximately 5 – 10 minutes.

Dr Ko - Silicio Injection

The second procedure was Silicio injection and I did this on my last visit. Before starting on this procedure, local anesthetic was injected on both sides of my cheek where they usually make my cheeks look swollen. I was reminded by Dr Lee again where this injection could be slightly painful because of the medication. I have to admit that this injection is slightly painful for my endurance. Once the injection is done, the pain no longer stays.

Dr Ko - PDO Threadlift on Cheeks

The third procedure will be PDO threadlift for face. This was also done in my previous procedure and I could barely feel the needles which I believe the local anesthetic did it’s work. I had 30 needles (15 needles on each side) injected around my cheek area. It seems scary for the amount of needles I went through but trust me, I didn’t even know about it when Dr Lee injected it. Call me crazy but I’m always excited to see the amount of needles attached on my face which not an inch of pain. In comparison, I believe Silicio injection is much painful.

Dr Ko - PDO Threadlift Needles

PDO threadlifts are not only meant for face, they can be used to raise the height of the nose. Here is an upclose of the threads that they looked like barbed wires where sharp edges can be seen. The threads for nose is thicker and longer as compared to the ones that was inserted earlier. I will share with you how the procedure was done.

Why PDO Threadlift for nose?

I was teased before for my rounded flat nose which always made me wonder how I would look like to have higher and pointy nose bridge. I was able to imagine it with makeup by contouring my nose, it looked pretty but it is just a temporary effect. I do have issues with wearing sunglasses and they slides down easily. When I get to know PDO Threadlift could be done for nose, it got me all excited because they provide immediate effect without going under the knife. As much as I want that permanent high and pointy nose, I am not ready for plastic surgery at all.

PDO Threadlift would last to 2 -3 years depending on individuals and this last better than fillers. Fillers would last up to few months to a year depending on individuals. I have seen some results of it and they show up pretty well.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Marking

Firstly, Dr Lee did the marking to indicate the center of my nose using Sharpie in order for her to insert the thread accordingly to right place.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Apply Povidone Iodine

Dr Lee then applied povidone iodine under my nose in prevention of infection from the procedure.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetic was injected under my nose.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Local Anesthetic 2

A few pinches from Dr Lee for the local anesthetic to kick in.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Apply More Iodine

Dr Lee applied more povidone iodine all around my nose.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Puncture

Dr Lee punctures with a needle under my nose to allow the threads to be inserted accordingly.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Insertion

To insert the thread, it requires slightly more movement within the small puncture in order thread to be placed correctly as the needle is thicker and going through under the skin. Four threads was inserted from under my nose. At the beginning of the insertion wasn’t painful until it hits towards the end which I could feel slight pain.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Insertion 2

Because the threads aren’t long enough for my entire nose, second insertion was needed from my forehead in order to balance the height of my nose. Same steps from before with the local anesthetic and puncture, then insertion of the thread. For this area, there is remaining balance of the thread where Dr Lee then snipped it of. The ends of the thread will eventually remain under my skin and four threads was inserted. After the procedure was done, I was asked to sit in order for Dr Lee to check if this is the right height. I was given the option to either wait until the swell goes off or to add more threads. I chose to wait as I do not want my nose to be overly done, further more Dr Lee mentioned I could add more a month later if I wish to.

Dr Ko - Final Mask

At the very end of all procedures, they treated my face with mask. At this point of time, I was more than excited to see how my nose looks like after all the swell subsides. I was prescribed with a few medications of pain killer, reducing itchiness, anti-allergy and anti-bacterial. Let me share my progress and result.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 2

Obvious swelling can be seen around the nose area such as cheeks and eye area. I do realized that I looked like Avatar here. The swell is due to the trauma that my face is going through from the insertion. The swell was very noticeable when I woke up in the morning.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 4

Yellow patches can be seen in between my eyes and nose as well as my left under eye. This shows the signs of healing.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 6

The swell subsided much more, the yellow patch is still visible on both areas. It is normal to feel tensed around the nose area because of the thread.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Day 9

The swell and yellow patches is gone. Perhaps, this is not visible from my camera. I got a little bruised in the middle of my nose where I believe both thread met from both ways of insertion. I am still feeling some pain on this area. This may sound eerie but I felt the thread knocking each other on the first few days. It’s like how bones would grind each other but in a smaller scale. I have shared this with Dr Lee and she will inspect to this matter on my next visit. The puncture in between my brows are fading slowly but it is still there. Hopefully it will go off in no time.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Before & After Side

Here is a comparison from the side where my nose did raised quite a bit, however it has a bump in the middle of my nose bridge which is the same area where I have shared on the bruised of where the thread meets from both ways of insertion. Also, I realized where my current nose doesn’t seem straight from the side view.

Dr Ko PDO Threadlift for Nose - Before & After Front

From the front, it doesn’t show obvious raised nose but it is noticeable that my rounded nose looked smaller now and when lights shine on my nose, the shine shows visible straight line highlighting my nose.

Dr Ko - Yellow Light, PDO Threadlift, Silicio - Before & After

My skin looked plumper and radiant than before and the red marks from the previous procedure faded. Some of my depressed scars on my cheek seems to be less hollow than before. My major concern would still be my depressed scars and next would be my nose. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

If you would like to know the price of the procedures, kindly refer below.

  • Dual Yellow Light treatment ranges from MYR400-MYR800 depending on your skin condition
  • Silicio Organico – MYR 1800
  • PDO Threadlift – MYR1800 (subject to area, to raise nose bridge starts from MYR2500 onwards)

Dr Ko Clinic is available in a few locations, you may refer here. The current clinic that I am visiting is located Cheras.


~ ♦ ~

This procedures was sponsored for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh