Parkamaya K-Cray Fever, That Fun & Perky Korean Fashion In Town

We cannot have enough of Korean dramas and K-pop plus Running Man. This includes who can never had enough of them and when I receive a text from Parkamaya that there’s a fashion show coming up last weekend, I couldn’t hesitate it. Parkamaya is located in Farenheit 88 and I went there directly after Ageless Body event.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever

They call it the K-Cray Fever, which K-Cray basically means Korean crazy. Parkamaya is filled with many fashion retailers of local designers who comes with different trend inspiration.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever - Kesh Sandhu

Mr Kesh Sandhu, the Manager of Marketing and Communications spiced up the show by running giveaways and quick prizes to guests and gifts are vouchers from Yamagoya and retailers in Parkamaya.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever Fashion Show

These fashion are from retailers such as Korea Fashion Concept, Corgi, Lolita, gage-o and Jay Style, they are all Korean fashion retailers.

Parkamaya K-Cray Fever Fashion Show 2

Their fashion is very settle, bright neon colors and personally I like the tiger printed dress, its bold and fancy. If you’re interested to be informed with the latest happenings in Parkamaya, you can always drop your details to their info counter or just like their Facebook below. Trust me it will be fun because I hitched on a free bumper car ride after the fashion show!

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