Pastel Spring Makeup Tutorial

Spring has arrived quite a while and I hope I’m not too late for some Spring make-up. Pastel colours are very cute for this season and I also have pastel colored nails in this tutorial, check them out here.  Spring is all about the blooming flowers and pastel shades adds so much softness and freshness to it. Please enjoy Pastel Spring Makeup Tutorial!


I took the opportunity to film outside for the fresh looking background. With the humidity in Malaysia, I was sweating for a bit while doing so. I was still having fever and cough while filming but I’m just so excited to do this.

See how I mentioned pastel colours creates softness? There’s so many colours going on but this look is fun and colourful.

After the filming, I was treated with some macaroons! It was a little sweet but I still love it. Awesome, BFF brought this for me.

My BFF, the person behind my outdoor filming! Many thanks to her and I hope she’s not too tired of it because she didn’t have enough sleep that day.  We were filming from morning till evening, had to stay under the scorching heat and struggled with died batteries.


Traclyn Yeoh
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