Paul & Joe Autumn 2011 Collection Manhattan Tea Party

Paul & Joe offered a little tea party for those who RSVP. It was very kind of them to still allow me to RSVP although I’m not Parkson Elite Card member. I wanted to go as much to update what are the latest makeup trend that they could offer. I went with all my might although I have a sprained ankle and crazy rainy weather on the day itself.

Image Courtesy of Paul & Joe Malaysia

“MANHATTAN – AUTUMN 2011 is an entertaining, fast paced urban experience that artfully mingles the high-fashion opulence of uptown with the edgy, alternative spirit of downtown.

Take a turn and see where Eastside meets Westside with a vibrant interpretation of color, texture, structure and design
Discover why this city never sleeps and explore this metropolis of indulgent delights with PAUL & JOE Beauté.” – Paul & Joe

They also took the opportunity to introduce their latest collection which is the Autumn 2011 Collection. Let’s see what is in this collection.

Image Courtesy of Paul & Joe Malaysia

Finishing Pressed Powder

“Sophistication the height of a skyscraper. Our new Pressed Powder adds glamour and definition. All in stylish Paul & Joe packaging.” – Paul & Joe

Image Courtesy of Paul & Joe Malaysia

Eye Shadow Pots

“Inspired from the streets of Manhattan, a place where Sophie Albou loves so much. Different blocks, different colors, Manhattan is the last place where you can get board.

Two shades can be used alone or mixed together. Either way you can get a gorgeous look like the night view of the city. Package print is selected from the on time fashion fabric print of 2011 AW PAUL& JOE collection.” – Paul & Joe

Image Courtesy of Paul & Joe Malaysia

Color Palette

“Our Art Deco inspired Color Palette gives a gorgeous assortment of five full shade eye colors, highlighter and blusher. Each with super stylish surface. All you need it just one palette for day & night.” – Paul & Joe

Image Courtesy of Paul & Joe Malaysia

Pencil Eyeliner WP

“Our new & limited eye liner is inspired from the glamour scene of the big apple. Gives depth to your eyes and dramatically enhances you the allure of your eyes.” – Paul & Joe

Image Courtesy of Paul & Joe Malaysia

Lipstick M (top image)

“Inspired by the NYC skyline these new lipsticks sum up the city – bold, sophisticated and alluring. Superbly packaged and a very limited edition. The chic packaging is inspired from the antique iron gates and doors of some of the city’s most famous architecture which is master piece of Art deco.” – Paul & Joe

Lipstick C (lower image)

“Our stunning limited edition lipsticks sum up the energy and vitality of Manhattan. Show off in three elegant, vibrant shades. Package print is selected from the on time fashion fabric print of 2011 AW PAUL& JOE collection.” – Paul & Joe

Image Courtesy of Paul & Joe Malaysia

Nail Enamel

“The hottest look at your fingertips. Perfect for that night out in the Big Apple when you simply have to look dazzling.” – Paul & Joe

There was a makeup demonstration by their makeup artist and I like the tips for foundation where he allowed the liquid foundation to oxidize before setting it. What he does to allow it to oxidize is to do the eye makeup first.  However, the session took more than an hour and it was leg straining as there wasn’t any seat prepared. I believe more than 30 people was surrounding the Paul and Joe counter.

This is the latest Manhattan It Girl look by Paul and Joe. The eye palette used was 002 Chelsea.  It’s smokey, elegant and delicate, nothing too loud. I reckon this look can be worn during the day as the eye makeup is not as intense. Check out for more updates in Paul and Joe Malaysia in Facebook!


What do you think about this look? Do you think this is suitable for you? Share with me on the comment section below.


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