Playful Heart Nails

The extreme sunny weather lately made me to think to have bright colorful nails. I wanted to wear yellow nails very much but simple designs. Yet again, I have looked into nails that is Valentine’s related. Who says you can’t wear bright nails for Valentine’s? Here’s to you Playful Heart Nails.

Playful Heart Nails 2

I have never tried wearing different nail color on different fingers. Although I’m wearing bright yellow on my nails, painting one of the nails in pink makes it look more fun and you can always create different designs. On the yellow nails, I have used pink nail polish to create half of a heart shape. On the pink nails, I have stuck some mint heart flakes and dotted with the yellow nail polish in between the gaps.

Flormar Super Shine in Yellow 41

The yellow nail polish that I have used is Flormar Super Shine Nail Polish in 41. Flormar nail polish consistency is very thick therefore it takes a while for it to dry but it opaque. I applied two layers of it.

Konad Special Nail Polish in Pink

The pink nail polish that I have used is Konad Special Nail Polish. I have no idea what shade exactly this is because its not printed on the description but I have found a number at the bottom of the bottle which I’m not sure if its related.

Daiso Mint Hearts

The mint heart flakes are from Daiso and they are on the nail embellishment aisle. I only dotted some top coat on the nail before placing each heart over it.

The color combination of this nail design is very cute and playful. It kind of reminded me for Easter but its alright, this nail design is simple and easy to do. Such nail design is not limited to Valentine’s only. Wear it on any day that you feel like it!


Would you wear bright nails for Valentine’s? 


Traclyn Yeoh
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