POCC Celebrate Life With Your BFF Pink Party

Remember how I was trying to get everyone to come to this POCC Celebrate Life With Your BFF Pink Party? I was so excited for the day to come. I would consider this as one of my big days because I cat-walked  for this night! It’s been a while since the last cat walk in 2007 for one of the university prom night.

It was great to meet new friendly and playful people for that party. Together with me walking on that runway was:

  1. Sara Khong from Fashiono.my
  2. Shelby Kho from Shelbybaby.blogspot.com
  3. Sue Lynn from Bangsar-babe.blogspot.com
  4. Cindy Tey from teycindy.com

I also got the chance to introduce myself to Genevieve Sambhi (former Miss Malaysia and model) after we had a great chat. Her first way of saying hello to me was, ‘Hey, I’m wearing the same top as you’. LOL!

She was the survivor of cervical cancer and shared to me her experience when she had them. It was very informative but its gave me goose bumps of what if it happens to me one day. She also enlighten me on the experience of Pap-smear which I have not tried yet. It’s uncomfortable because you have someone looking on your genitals (the doctors have seen a lot, no surprise for them) and the progress takes less than 5 minutes. Its funny how Genevieve said that I looked familar and thought she saw me somewhere before. This is the first time I’m meeting her in person :). I was there for the rehearsal and had some chat with some great people (I actually had the time to share on beauty and makeup tips too!).

The host for that night was Peitro Ambrose Felix and Sarimah Ibrahim. Both of them made the night more lively, I was in the dressing room and I noticed that it was pretty quiet earlier.

Here is Dr. Saunthari Somasundaram, the President of National Cancer Society of Malaysia giving her speech.

Participating sponsors and partners of Pureology by L’oreal, Anna Sui, Reebok Easy Tone, Mell Basics by Melinda Looi and Nose.


Let’s begin the cat walk featuring the song by Adele of Rolling in the Deep. I’m in love with Adele ever since Chasing Pavement and this is one of her latest, it’s awesome. Now let’s roll it!

Starting first three of us walking with Reebok apparels from head to toe. From left to right, Genevievi, me and Sara Khong.

Followed by Rina Omar, Shelby Kho, Cindy Tey and Sue Lynn. Apparels by Mell basics, handbags and footwear by Nose. Makeup by Anna Sui, totally in love with the smell of rose in their makeup.

Here are the power women who walked for the campaign. These are just some of us, there are more ambassadors.

Genevievi then shared her life experience when she had cervical cancer, just like she shared to me during the rehearsal but she has more details. Everyone was listening to her attentively.

There were fun games for attendees, look at these cheerful and lively participants! Dancing prior to cat walk, it was cool!

Fitness dance instructors rock the night too with some booty shake. I didn’t get left out n join the dance! *shake*shake* They were really friendly people and thought us on how to shake it.

These people came for me and the campaign. The lover and peeps, BFF and my brother’s girlfriend, thank you so much for supporting !

Reebok apparels that I wore on that night was:

  • Top: White Longbra top of Playdry Collection
  • Bottom: Roll down pants in black and red

  • Footwear: Train Tone Collection in Pink

I picked the pinks on purpose for the campaign. It’s a pink party for a reason eh? Initially, we should be loaning the apparels and turns out on that night, we were inform that we can keep them! I was so excited and a huge thank you to Reebok Malaysia! I never expect that news to come. I really love everything that I’ve picked. The shoes was really comfortable and bouncy~

I’d like to thank you for all who came, not just for me but for this campaign. I hope you enjoy yourself with your friends and family. I’m definitely proud to be one of the ambassadors and may my effort be able to help to protect all women.

Traclyn Yeoh
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