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Isn’t that beaver cute? How I just wanted to give a great bear hug to it. Anyhow, people just can’t stop to relate beaver to any vajayjay, so am I and this is all about it getting mowed! Curious? Let’s move on!

Visit their website here , for more info and price list!

Recently, I have been invited by Honeypot Wax Boutique to try their Brazilian treatment. I looked up to their website to find out more and oh my, they have really fancy Brazilian treatments! Guess which I have chosen? … it’s L’amour! Here is a little brief information on Honeypot Wax Boutique.

“Honeypot Wax Boutique treatments include  full waxing service with the salon’s signature treatment the sexy Brazilian. Ohh la la. No pain but all gain. Honeypot’s therapist are high speed and expert Brazilian waxers. The Honeypot signature treatment is sure to make the ladies go meow in no time flat.

Smooth and silky skin is not only for the ladies. Let the metrosexual men in you be groomed and preened into a sexy hunk as the One Utama outlet now offers unisex treatments! Guys – this is strictly by appointment only.

First established in Singapore, Honeypot expanded its business from three local salons to successful franchises in both Jakarta and Bangkok with the first boutiquein Malaysia that opened its door in January 2010 and the second boutique in 2011.

Honeypot exclusively sources its intimate care, high quality wax aftercare products from Australia and the United Kingdom.” – Honeypot Wax Boutique Malaysia

I have selected One Utama outlet for my appointment. My therapist is Shima and she is really friendly, I do recommend her as she is very particular in getting her job done. Look at their treatment room! How could you not love it? With one side of vine patterned wall, the room is clean and cozy. I forgot to get a snap on their chandelier, its really beautiful too. Feeling jittery and excited, I did not hesitate to get the treatment done quickly. Of course, there wasn’t any images of what’s going on at my vajayjay during the treatment but I will share with you what I went through.


  1. Trim hair
  2. Apply hot wax on labia majora
  3. Remove wax, gentle pressure press and wipe
  4. Apply  hot wax at the front leaving any shapes of your treatment
  5. Remove wax, gentle pressure press and wipe
  6. Tweeze strays and wipe
  7. Apply hot wax on butt cleavage
  8. Remove wax, gently pressure press and wipe


Whoever says first time of Brazilian waxing is not painful, its nonsense! However, it totally depends on your endurance and areas to be waxed. Shima was very professional, she has been wearing partial face mask during the treatment and I have been talking to her to keep myself distracted. She kept reminding me that I should let her know if it’s too painful or the wax is too hot. The temperature of the wax is bearable and Shima constantly let me know whenever she wants to remove the wax.The pain comes instantly when the wax and your hair is removed. Waxing on labia majora isn’t as painful as the front (its more sensitive!!!), it also took shorter time to clean that area and butt cleavage. The pain felt like a jolt of thunder strikes onto your vajayjay, yeap that’s how I would describe it. She even showed me what she has waxed off and we observed how thick my hair root is. I know that sounds crazy and I’m amazed how much hair is removed at once. Once she remove the hair, she gently press with light pressure and instantly wipe it with the cleanser.

I loved how Shima is very particular on the shorter hair which she tweezed, making sure the area is completely hairless. At the end of the treatment she applied powder to remove flyaway hairs, cleanse it and moisturize. Wait…I didn’t know there’s moisturizer for genital areas! My treatment took about one and a half hour and I have never seen myself so bald!

They do sell after-waxing  products in their boutique. Price ranges from MYR75 – MYR120. Want to know what I have been asking Shima earlier? Here it is with some quirky ones.

1. Is it painful to do Brazilian for the first time?

Yes and it depends on your level of endurance. It is also because your has not been removed before.

2. Is it normal to bleed after the treatment?

Blood spots are normal especially for the first time. Most importantly is to keep your genital areas clean

3. How long does it take for the hair to re-grow?

It takes about 2-3 weeks depending on individuals

4. Would this be a hideous job especially to look at people’s genitals daily?

Not really because I love my job! If you have the passion to do something, you will eventually enjoy doing it.

5. Do you have men as customers?

Yes, we do. In fact this is the only outlet (at the moment) offers treatments for men too.

6. Why men’s treatments are more expensive?

Men has more skin than women to begin with. The fold of skin are the areas that is difficult and complicated to reach plus most men tend to have more hairs than women.

7. Have you ever encounter men having hard-on during treatment?

Yes, in such event we will inform our customer to shift away their thoughts as they are undergoing such treatment. Otherwise, it is tough for us to get the treatment done.


I left the boutique happily as I’m really satisfied what Shima has done for me. I was also served with a glass of juice upon my exit, how nice! How did it go after the waxing?

Post Waxing:

  • Day One – Redness and swell has not subsided at the front and skin have became sensitive at that moment.
  • Day Two – Swell has subsided, a few tiny cysts developed at the front and there are still a few red spots.
  • Day Three – Was informed to scrub that area, cysts are gone before scrubbing and red spots is less red. Scrubbing will also help to prevent in-growth.

I guess my hair growth rate is much faster, I have some hair started growing by day five! Some of the hair that grows out has the same thickness as before and some are really fine, like baby hairs. I was a little worried when the cysts developed when I have keep it nice and clean and it was a relief when it clears up. I couldn’t compare with any other waxing services but I definitely recommend this as how precise and careful they are for their service. Their price is not too expensive either.

Honeypot Waxing Boutique are available in two locations at the moment. If you have any inquiries or to book appointment, do give them a call and I’m sure they will answer them.

Lot S123 2nd Floor Bangsar Shopping Center,
285 Jalan Maarof,
59000 Bukit Bandaraya,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 60 3 2092-5598

S119 2nd Floor 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
>47500 PJ Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7729 5598

Not in Malaysia? They are also available in Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Semarang.

~ ♦ ~


This treatment has been provided by Honeypot Wax Boutique for review purposes. Please refer disclaimer.

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