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I know I have abandon this blog for some time (more than a month?). I’m really sorry for those who are waiting patiently for new posting and tutorials. I’m stressed with work even my colleagues could feel it for me but I’m holding on pretty well. Things had went from bad to worse, not just from working.

Last week, I got myself into food poisoning. I had to take medical leave for more than a week. It’s not just light food poisoning where after vomiting or diarrhea, see the doctor, take the meds and be okay. I wasn’t one of them. Let me share with you full details about it. You may skip this, it will be a long story.

It was a lovely Monday and my colleague and I made a take away of chicken rice for lunch. I always love their chilly sauce that comes with it. Later on, my stomach doesn’t feel so well and started to have diarrhea after a few hours. It’s bad enough that I have diarrhea but the toilet on my office level is on maintenance  and I had to take the elevator up to the next three floors just to use the toilet. Luckily, not long after it’s time to go home after work. On the way back home, I started to throw up at the street side. It’s a bad sign and I went home to rest. My BF came to see my resting on my bed and mum got to know about it. Things has gotten worse later at night, so I decided to visit the clinic and next day I’m on medical leave. I tried to get some sleep to rest my body. At about 1:00AM, I started vomiting again almost every one to two hours until about 9:00AM. The sickness is bad enough and now I didn’t get enough rest.

I get rested for a couple of hours and had my father to send me to my family doctor. I feel better after the medication, all the vomiting and diarrhea stopped completely. I thought I would recover soon. One thing about me and my siblings, we could only visit this family doctor, other doctor medications doesn’t work well for us. I rested well till the next morning.

Things had definitely gone wrong, I feel weak and feverish. I told my father I needed those fever patch but it didn’t work. I felt so weak that I started hunch walking. I didn’t have the appetite to eat, slept till afternoon but nothing was better. My father then brought me to my family doctor again. Thermometer showed 103.5 Fahrenheit, high fever. He said I most probably caught an infection that causing me to have high fever. I can’t even sit straight, I had to lay down on the bench in the clinic. The fever went off after the medication, mum was relieved that I’m getting better. Everything went bad again starting by 7:00PM, I started vomiting again. Anything that goes into my mouth will come out in seconds even a sip of water. Within 2 hours, I had throw up for more than 10 times. Mum decided to get me admitted to the hospital. I landed myself at the emergency room. They put me on drip quickly as my body was dehydrated. Later, I’m warded and I had to take oral medication which is very difficult for me at that point of time. My vomit hasn’t stop. It was a rough night where my parents and BF was there to company me. My BF stayed later to be with me as this is the first time for him to see me being admitted to the hospital. I was really hopeless that night.

My condition has improved, the vomit and diarrhea stopped but still very weak. I had to go through x-ray and ultrasound. I started to consume more water at this point and bad thing is I had to walk back to the ward myself after all the imaging. My parents was saying it was very inappropriate because the chances of me fainting on the way back is very high, I should have some company but everything is fine. I walked back to the ward safely. I tried to eat, manage to eat just a few mouth. Late evening, my parents and BF came to visit me.

The x-ray and ultrasound report was clean. The struggle with my stomach a couple days back left me some pain. I told the doctor about the pain and he arranged on doing an endoscopic procedure (where a mini camera will go into your stomach). I tried to push myself to eat more but I ended up eating more fruits. For the endoscopic procedure, I had to fast from midnight till the next morning for it. I’m pretty nervous about the procedure although I was told that sedative will be given. I couldn’t sleep well that night.

Time to go for the endoscopic procedure. I’m really nervous. Before proceeding, another nurse came in to take samples of my blood. I had my nail polishes on and the nurses had to remove them for me. For that one moment, I felt a bit like a princess. The reason for removing the nail polishes is because they want to make sure there’s a blood flow and some signs can be seen through the nails. The nurses then pushes the whole bed to the operating theater. I felt really naked as I’m not wearing anything but a piece of red checkered cloth on my body. I’m getting more nervous as though I’ll be getting an operation. When I was alone, I started tearing. I had some silly thoughts that what if I never make my way out from the operating theater. Call me crazy but these kind of thoughts really flashed through my mind. The procedure was really fast, about 10-15 minutes. The moment I got into the special room fully equipped with all the things that they need, the room felt cold and silent. I had to drink some liquid for it to remove excess gas in my stomach, sprayed on anesthetic into my throat. That is the first ever time for me that swallowing my saliva is so difficult. I’m trying so hard to feel my throat.The nurse then injected sedative into my body and I saw my doctor to do the endoscopic. They told me to sleep on my side and within 5 minutes, I’m out. When I woke up, everything is done. I guess it’s not too scary at all. Then the nurses send me back to my ward. I just take my rest but I still feel I needed company. Not long after that I see my BF right in front of my eyes, I was crying all the way hugging him, telling him how scared I am.

The endoscopic report did not come clean. The doctor found that some part of my stomach is inflamed. It is either from the vomiting or previous gastric pain that I left not taken care of. There’s no ulcers at all which is good or else I’ll be on medication for two months. My blood test didn’t come clean too, my pancreas was affected from the food poisoning infection. So I’m on new anti-biotic for my drip. I don’t want to stay in the hospital anymore. I just miss so much things out of hospital.

The nurse took my blood sample again and this time my pancreas show some improvement. Doctor gave me a choice of staying in the hospital or leave. I chose to leave because I know I’ll be better and this is with the doctor’s approval. At last, I’m out from hospital. Although my BF came to visit me everyday, I still miss him a lot. I miss my cat, Coffee. When I was sick at home, she was there watching over me. I knew it because I saw her all the time although she sleeps like a pig at times. The doctor really wants me to rest, he has given me medical certificate for an extra of a week. I’m still on medication until my next appointment with the doctor.

It was a very long weekend. I try to relax myself, walk around, shop for a bit and etc., but I’m back at work today. My MC ends next week but my work load will pile up like a mountain if I don’t get it done. I’m getting better, eating  and drinking well. I just want to update after so long. Some friends left messages to me saying that they miss my entries and tutorials. I miss doing them too but the new camera hasn’t arrive. Brother didn’t have the money to replace one yet. I’m yet to give him a help on that. I have loads to share with everyone.


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. OMG!! ::HUG:: I’m so sorry Traclyn. That sounds beyond awful. Food poisoning is no joke. Are you still on the medicine now? You should eat simple, bland foods for a while so you wont irritate your stomach. Soup, crackers, water, juice, tea. Not too many spices or heavy foods because your stomach is delicate now. When I had a bout of food poisoning, I didnt want to MOVE because I thought the slightest jar would induce vomiting.

    Take your time & get well you hear? Dont go rushing back to your job. I did that & I ended up getting worse & stressing myself out. You can get another job, you only have one body & no one appreciates it more than you. If you have to work, get your hours reduced at least or see if you can work from home. 

  2. Hope you’ll feel better soon. So sorry to hear what you’ve had to go through 🙁
    Cat’s are great like that, aren’t they?

  3. hey hun!
    i’ve missed you!
    owh my!
    glad you are recovering!!
    take good care k?
    owh and i cant wait for new post from your blog 😛

  4. it’s an awful feeling just to read all of it. how come no one told me about it? i would have visited you! siew… sokey then. i’m glad ure recovering. do take care of yourself okay. if anything stressful, i can come and take it away from you, just tell me when. love love lovee you 

  5. oh and thanks for uploading the BEP video. was trying to find the song but i don’t know the title. best sgt lagu tu!

  6. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Everything is back to normal for now. Thanks for asking. It was a dreadful time back then.

    @Connie De Alwis – I’m better now. Thanks for the concern. Although it was a small action by my cat, I could see she’s concern about me. It’s just their small little doings.

    @LyNn G – I miss you too! Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip lately. Hope I could cope with more updates.

    @feedDuh – I didn’t want to tell anyone because I don’t want anybody to worry me. So sorry for not informing you but at the end we met up remember? You saw me eating and drinking well. No worries about it k? We have to spend more time on this beauty stuffs =P. Explore and explore, maybe a second collaboration between you and me?

    @bay_bee_tea – The food poisoning suffering is ain’t no joke. It felt like time passes so slow but I’m fine now. So it’s okay. Thanks for the concern!

    @xin – It was difficult at first. It’s a lesson for me to learn and hope that it will never happen again!

    @kyliemc – I’m so much better now. Sorry for the late CNY wishes~

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