Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan

Do you fancy curry fish head?

Dishes like this are pretty common in Malaysia. I had dinner here over a few weekends ago with my peeps. This is the Chinese-style of cooking, I tried mamak-style and it was great and has more spices compared to this. Let’s see what we ordered and portions are served for four person.

Dish #1: Foo Yong Omelette 

Just like many foo yong omelettes, it has shallots and shrimps but they are missing out the red chillies. I don’t quite remember having them. What I love from this dish is the shrimps are fresh! I’m very particular on freshness of the shrimp and this was good.

Price: MYR 16.00

Dish #2: Sweet and Sour Pork

Chunky fried pork stir fried with sweet and sour sauce with carrots, green capsicums and shallots. The sauce of this dish is not not overly sour or sweet, pretty balanced. The fried pork is quite aromatic, crunchy outside and tender on the inside. The vegetables adds into freshness of the dish. Not bad at all, worth trying!

Price: MYR 22.00

Dish #3: Curry Fish Head (Large)

I expected more then it comes to this dish. If you look at it closely from the image, there’s more vegetables than the fish eh? I can hardly see a whole of a fish head and kind of make it less authentic.  It has lots of vegetables like lady’s finger, egg plant, long beans and cabbage. The curry is very fragrant but I felt like it’s still missing something, probably because I didn’t get to see the fish head. The only thing I like about this dish is it’s served in a clay pot which helps to preserved the warmth of the dish.

Price: MYR 68.00

I reckon the dishes are just average, nothing to go for always. The price of the dishes are pretty pricey especially the ordinary ones besides the curry fish head.  This restaurant is air-condition but you also get to choose to sit at the outside.  Other charges involved are:

  • Rice – MYR 1.50 per bowl
  • Wet towel – MYR 0.90 per piece

There isn’t any tax charges and below is the location of the restaurant. Reminder this is not recommended for Muslims as they are served pork.  *wink*

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