Review: 3 in 1 Skin Treatment, NEUZELL Juvenescence Skin Renewal Tri-Action Treatment Is The Genie In The Bottle?

‘A one-of-the-kind skin renewal activator that acts as serum, mask and exfoliator to make your skin looks remarkably refreshed, brighter and brilliant. NEUZELL Juvenescence is a uniquely empowering treatment that used a blend of natural and scientifically advanced ingredients and work harmoniously with the body’s cellular processes to transform young and beautiful skin.

From Serum to Mask to Exfoliator, everything you need is in one bottle. Embark on The Juvenescence Effect, a journey of becoming young and fabulous. Start using it today and never look your age again. 

  • Repair DNA and delay cell senescence by 3 ½ months
  • Extend cell lifespan by 1/3
  • Stimulating the enzymes involved in the protection and repair of mRNA, DNA and telomeres
  • Activate dormant skin stem cells
  • Renew and regenerate epidermal cells
  • Restore cellular function of each cells to combat chronological aging‘ – NEUZELL

It comes with a plastic pump bottle which is great because it protects the product from oxidizing, hygienic and less messy. The award winning key ingredients in this treatment is,

  • Telomax – helps to restore and repair damaged skin by inhibiting the cell death process, slows down aging skin, rebuilds and replace the losses of skin cells.
  • Swiss Alps Botanical Stem Cell – Stimulates skin cell self renewing capacity, reactivate skin cells for infinite regeneration and insuring the longevity of skin cells.
  • Exfolene – Stimulate collagen and elastin production, promotes accelerated skin cell production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and increases skin cell turnover  for smoother, clearer skin.
  • Sodium Lactate – natural moisturising factor , readily attracts and absorbs moisture keeping the new skin rehydrated.

It comes in a light gel texture and the scent was a turn off for me because it smells like ‘foundation that has gone bad’. I only use it as a serum (since the scent was a turn off, I didn’t intend to leave it on a long period on my face) day and night with only one pump on each use, sufficient for my entire face and neck. The scent doesn’t linger long as a serum and easily absorb by my skin. Once it is absorbed, the scent diminished with it.

I brought it to travel once, and I’m not sure what happened to the printed description on the bottle. I was looking for spillage of my other skin cares but there isn’t any. Maybe the heat when I kept my bag in the car? The prints actually stained on my  skin cares too.

Here is the ingredient listing, convincing that it contains no paraben, SLES, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrances and artificial colors. The life span of the treatment is for 12 months upon opening.

I have used it for a month and here is the progress of using it. Though I do not have wrinkles or saggy skin but there is noticeable difference on my skin condition.

  • Week 1 – Not as much acne breakouts but post acne scars is still prominent
  • Week 2 – Post acne scars are much lighter especially the one on the cheek and skin is more plumped
  • Week 3 – Post acne scars are even lighter and skin looked more radiant
  • Week 4 – I was sick on this entire week, the breakout got a little severe. Skin radiance is still maintained.


I have not develop any skin irritation or tingling from using this treatment. Its a very gentle treatment with visible result although in Week 4,  I have gotten some breakout (I blame it for being sick because my body was too ‘heaty’). It’s not oily nor it has any oil controlling properties. If it wasn’t the scent, I could have been more hard working to use it as an exfoliator and mask. I have no idea what happened with the description prints on the bottle but hey, it can be good when I want to reuse the bottle.

Retail Price: MYR128.00

Weight: 50ml/1.67oz

Collection Status: Permanent


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  • Comes in pump bottle
  • Free from paraben, SLES, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial fragrances and artificial color
  • Light gel texture, easily absorb by my skin
  • No skin irritation or tingling
  • Reduces post acne scars
  • Making skin more radiant and plumped


  • ‘Foundation gone bad’ scent

My rating: 4.5/5

~ ♦ ~

This treatment product has been provided by NEUZELL for review purposes, please refer disclaimer.

Traclyn Yeoh
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