Review: Annie’s Way Royal Jelly Oil Control Mask

Personally, I think its really hard to find anti-acne sheet mask around me and I came to know that it’s available in MaskSlim after I received complimentary masks handed over to me during the launch of Beauty Zone in 1st Avenue at Berjaya Times Square. These types of mask usually comes in liquid or cream form such as clay mask, which requires rinsing right after the treatment. This type of mask is suitable for those who have acne-prone, combination to oily skin type. Here’s a review of Annie’s Way Royal Jelly Oil Control Mask.

Annie's Way Anti-Acne Mask - Description

There are a few types from their anti-acne range sheet mask and this is the royal jelly oil control mask which helps to control sebum production, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Annie's Way Anti-Acne Mask - Sheet

It’s richly soaked in the essence and there was a lot of essence leftover. I thought it will be a waste to throw it away so I store it in a 30ml droplet amber bottle and it filled half of the bottle. It also comes with a protective film  to keep the mask from tearing.

Annie's Way Anti-Acne Mask Texture

The sheet is thin and slightly larger than my face, you can definitely tell from the folds on my lower cheek. I had to cut some slits on the eye and nose area just to ensure that the mask fits nicely onto those areas.

Annie's Way Anti-Acne Mask - Before & After

My skin does look brighter and plumped after using the mask but everything seems very much the same. However, the effect didn’t just stop here.

Annie's Way Anti-Acne Mask - Before & After with BIA Skin Analyzer

Look at the reading on my BIA Skin Analyzer! The moist and skin texture level was only at level 1 with oiliness at level 5 before using the mask. After using the mask, the moist and skin texture level shot up to level 5 and oiliness level has reduced to level 2. Impressive!


I thought it was just an ordinary sheet mask after looking at the before and after photos until I look at the reading from my BIA Skin Analyzer. The effect of this mask doesn’t just stop right there. My skin does feel less oily the next day because I have noticed that I don’t frequently needed to blot my skin. Although the oiliness has been reduced, my skin doesn’t feel dry at all. My existing acne is yet to subside but I’m really impressed with this mask. Highly recommended!

Price: MYR5.00

Weight: n/a

Collection Status: Permanent

Availability: MaskSlim Outlets, MaskSlim Online

They have tons more variety of mask and slimming products from head to toe and to keep yourself with their latest update, don’t forget to like MaskSlim Facebook below!


  • Reduces skin oiliness until the next day
  • Instant effect on skin oiliness
  • Improves skin texture


  • Had to cut some slits

My Rating: 4.8/5

~ ♦ ~

This mask has been provided complimentary by MaskSlim, kindly refer disclaimer.

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