Review: BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base, Creating That Effortless Luminous Skin

Thanks to the Korean trend that now many of us will appreciate to have that glowing luminous healthy skin. I’m not going to miss this out although I have combination skin, I do love to have that effortless radiant skin. I was given the opportunity to try BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base to achieve that glow. Please do stay tuned as I will be giving away this makeup base in my next post!

BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base

‘BRTC’s Jasmine 3D Luminous Base is rich in fine pearl particles. Upon application, it will give you a radiant and 3D-looking pearly skin. Upon application, it provides an instant supply of moisture to the skin and maintains moist skin for a long time’ – BRTC

BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base - Description

Basically this is a makeup base that create the luminous glow on your skin, it’s like your skin radiance booster. The fine pearl particles helps to reflect light giving that 3D effect to the skin. It also moisturises your skin and recharge them. This meant to use after your skin care regime and before your makeup. Apply it on high points of your face such as forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin or you could also use on entire face.

BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base - Tube

BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base comes in a tube form and pointed tip to dispense the product. This is what I like about it because we can have a better control in squeezing the amount of product that we want to use without any wastage.

BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base - Texture

The texture is a very light cream that blends easily and the fine pearl particles has that shimmery purple hue which helps to correct yellow undertones. Once blended, it looks like its nothing and this is buildable if you like to have a greater effect. It doesn’t feel greasy and left my skin feeling smooth. Although it’s jasmine, the scent smells nothing like jasmine at all. It has a light floral scent that is not overpowering.

BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base - Before & After

Here is a before and after applying the base. Please pardon my dark circles, puffy and squinting eyes in the morning. On before, I had applied my skin care including sun block and on after is this base, foundation, powder and the rest of the eye makeup. It is recommended to layer on BB cream after the base but the BB cream that I have doesn’t provide much coverage for my dark circles, therefore I opted the foundation instead. I did apply on my entire face because I want that entire glow on my face. With the base, I do noticed that my skin is less yellow.

BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base - Lasting Power

I have recorded one-day test with the BRTC Jasmine 3D Luminous Base and this is the result.

  • 8:55AM – where I have it freshly applied and head to my office.
  • 12:10PM – My t-zone got slightly oily, other areas such as my cheek and chin is still fine. I like the state of my face right here, where it looks glowingly healthy. I blotted my face right after.
  • 5:17PM – At this hour my face is oily all over, the foundation seems to fade a little because the redness of my face started to show. I blotted my face right after again.
  • 6:37PM –  Pardon from the off from work tired face. My face is again pretty much greasy all over but still maintain to look rosy.


I love that it is light-weight and doesn’t give that overly glossy look on my skin. Also it helped on correcting my yellow undertone, leaving my skin looking rosy instead.  Throughout the usage of this, it did kept my skin moisturised but the only backlash of this base is that it doesn’t have oil controlling properties which wasn’t promised from the first place. Once the oil started to seep, the makeup tend to wear off easily. I do think that this suits better for those who have normal to dry skin.

Price: To Be Confirmed

Weight: 25ml

Availability: Sasa

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  • Light weight
  • Buildable luminosity
  • Decent scent
  • Moisturizing
  • Corrects yellow undertone


  • No oil controlling properties
  • Makeup started to fade

My Rating: 3.8/5


~ ♦ ~

This makeup base was provided by Vanity Trove Malaysia for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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