Review: Canmake Brown Eye Liner, Impressive Smudge-Proof Power

Japanese brand eye liners are quite a winner, very known for their fine applicators, build-ability, smudge-proof or water-proof. This time round, I’m trying this eye liner from Canmake and I have not been using Canmake make-up for a while now. I remember my first purchase was their brow powder and I love it so much.

Canmake Brown Eyeliner Review 2

‘An exquisite brown eyeliner that makes impression of your eyes soft. Achieve the angelic Eurasian look you’ve always yearned for

♥ Contains 10 types of beautifying ingredient to care for your eyelids while making your eyes look more stunning

♥ Waterproof

♥The secret of the color that uses the power of illusion
The exquisite balance of sweet red and bitter brown creates an angelic Eurasian look!!!
● This thoroughly sweet, yet glamorous reddish-brown makes your pupils look larger, enhancing your beauty in the blink of an eye! For a nonchalantly pretty, soft and natural look that loses none of its impact Make-up that will win you an array of compliments♥

♥The secret of the look good, feel great formulation♥
● Multi-proof formulation that stands up to sweat, tears, water, rubbing and running
● For long-lasting lines that will keep you looking pretty ♥
● Although it won’t run or wear off, the film-type formulation can be easily washed off with warm water.Gentleness that won’t place a burden on your eyelids♥
● Kind to your eyelids and eyelashes! Contains 10 types of beautifying ingredient (moisturizing ingredients)♥
Panthenol, hyaluronic acid, chamomile flower extract, aloe vera leaf extract, perilla leaf extract, rosemary extract, grapefruit seed extract, lemon extract, witch-hazel extract, hydrolyzed conchiolin.

♥The secret of the perfect line♥
● Felt-tip format makes it easy to draw a line without your hand shaking.
Fine lines or bold lines – even novices will find it simple to create a versatile range of effects!!!’ – Canmake

Canmake Brown Eyeliner Review - Felt Tip & Swatch

This is a pen type liquid eye liner and this is in the shade called Sweet Angelic Brown. The brown shade has red undertone and this eye liner only comes in this shade, no other shades. It comes with a felt tip applicator which can be drawn thick or thin lines.

Canmake Brown Eyeliner Review - Application

It can be applied easily and the shade is buildable. To draw a fine line is possible but challenging because of the stiff felt tip applicator and when the line is drawn fine it look way too natural. I usually prefer to draw my eye liner as thick as this. After having this eye liner on, it definitely soften and warms up the look.

Canmake Brown Eyeliner Review - Lasting Power

I have this on for approximately 9 hours to test the lasting power of this eye liner and I’m impressed!

  • 9:47AM – I freshly applied the eye liner, very pigmented and neat application.
  • 2:52PM – Mid day update, the eye liner seems as good as I freshly applied them.
  • 6:33PM – It didn’t smudge a tinge bit at all and didn’t fade.


I freaking love this eye liner for its staying power and I wish that it comes in black. Brown is more of creating natural eye makeup look. This eye liner can be removed easily even with just baby wipes. The only thing that I didn’t like about it is the felt tip is slightly too stiff for my liking. I believe this eye liner could stay on longer for more than 9 hours.

Price: TBC

Weight: n/a

Availability: Sasa, Parkson and other major departmental stores.

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  • Pigmented and buildable
  • Smudge-proof for 9 hours
  • No fading for 9 hours
  • Easy removal


  • Stiff felt tip applicator
  • Doesn’t come in black shade

My Rating: 4.7/5


~ ♦ ~

This eye liner has been provided by Canmake Malaysia in conjunction to their showcase of Spring 2013 Makeup Trend @ International Beauty Expo , kindly refer disclaimer.

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