Review: Cefenére Essential Collection – Acne Formulation, Effectively Fades Acne Marks But Still Broke Me Out

Cefenére offers a wide range of quality skincare from skin lightening to anti acne. They believe in promoting pure beauty with providing solutions to those who have troubled skin. The product ingredients comes from natural plant that is safe and effective, ideal and suitable for every woman.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation

I was given the opportunity to try Cefenére Essential Collection – Acne Formulation  set according to my skin trouble as I do have combination skin and acne prone. This set comes with Cefenére Impurity Milk Cleanser and Cefenére Cream Contour.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation Direction of Use

In the box, it comes with a card on the directions of use. This set is suitable for those who have oily and acne skin sufferer. Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation Impurity Milk Cleanser

“Impurity Milk Cleanser dissolves dirt and impurities effectively and soothes inflamed and skin irritation. Effective in battling acne prone skin.

Usage Direction : Apply adequate amount to face and neck, massage gently and rinse off thoroughly. Alternatively, apply and leave on for 20 minutes on serious acne skin before thorough rinsing. Subsequently, apply cream Contour is recommended for best result.

Active Ingredients: Purified water, Angelica Sinensis, Red Sage, Lavender, Orchid flower.

Size: 30ml e 1.0fl.oz” – Cefenére 

The cleanser comes in a pump bottle which is an ease of use and protects the product from oxidation. To be frank, I didn’t get use to it using this cleanser at first because it doesn’t foam and worried if it doesn’t cleanse my skin well. While massaging the milk cleanser onto my face, it glides easily without tugging and it doesn’t feel greasy after rinsing. It does leave a cooling sensation right after rinsing but doesn’t dry out my skin.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation Cream Contour

“Cream contour is an acne solution to treat acne and breakouts. It regulates sebum secretion and provides tremendous result in pore refining.

Usage Direction : Apply a layer on a cleansed skin especially on acne and breakout areas. Suitable for night and day use. Use Impurity Milk Cleanser for a thorough cleansing before applying Cream Contour is recommended for best result.

Active Ingredients: Deionized water, Coptis root, Angelica sinensis, Red sage, Royal Jelly, Mint.” – Cefenére 

This cream comes in a jar and quite a thick texture. I believe that not everybody would like the scent because it does smell like Chinese herbal ailment, quite strong particularly. I had to be very careful using it during the day because it does feel oily after a while.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation Skin Makeoer in 7 Days

Cefenére also promises that we will experience the skin makeover in just 7 days. I have already used it for a month and let’s see how did it treat my skin.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation - After 4 weeks

Over the period of 4 weeks, my skin seems to become more clearer and radiant. Could you see it? Its becoming less dull and my skin becomes much healthier every week. I did had a little breakout on the earlier stage while using this skin care.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation - After 4 weeks - Forehead

I did noticed that some of my acne scars that was left previously fades away slowly on my forehead. However on the reversal side, another tiny acne did flare up.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation - After 4 weeks Upper Lips

Here is  also a comparison on the area between my nose and lips. The acne subsided slowly and also acne marks are faded.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation - After 4 weeks Side

On the closer look of my cheek, it doesn’t seem like much difference but let’s look closer.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation - After 4 weeks Side Cheek Chin

The acne did subside as shown earlier and more acne scar marks faded its way but one tiny acne also decided to flare up on its own way.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation - Before & After

The ‘Before’ photo is before I started using this set, which also means before Week 1 and ‘After’ is on Week 4. I love how glowing my skin became! It was dull and lifeless, acne scars was more obvious before.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation - Before & After Side

Here is a show on the side of my face.  There’s another 2 acne scar marks on my cheek that faded and the chin area cleared up so well.

Cefenére ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ~ Acne Formulation Flimsy Packaging

I don’t have much complains on the packaging usually but I’m suggesting that the Cream Contour jar should be improved. It has dual layer for the jar of inner and outer. If I close the jar lid tightly, the next time I try to open it the outer jar lid comes off leaving the inner stays intact. This happened very often while I’m using it. Because it also comes with a protective cover after the lid, the first time I lift it and the entire inner jar came off from the outer. I had to put it back and press to make sure it snap to stay secure with the outer jar.


I love how it did clear my skin but the backlash is that it is not 100% to be acne free while using this skin care because my acne still did flared up. However, those acne is just the tiny ones. I believe the scent of the Contour Cream may be overwhelming especially if you are scent sensitive and hopefully Cefenére could consider improving their jar for the Contour Cream. This set of skin care improved my skin and broke me out, its very hard for me to say that it’s guaranteed positive result. The result of being less acne, scar improvement weigh far better.

Price: MYR148


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  • Fades acne scar marks
  • Natural ingredients
  • Skin more radiant and healthy
  • Doesn’t dry out skin


  • Broke me out
  • Average oil controlling properties
  • Poor packaging (jar)

My Ratings: 4/5


~ ♦ ~

This skin care set was provided by Cefenére for review purposes, kindly refer disclaimer.

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